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Welcome to PHRF Lake Ontario

Correct Measurements

This is an actual situation that occurred recently.

We received an application from a handicapper stating that the boat he had at his club was a Modified boat.

Reason: The Measured "P" dimension is not the same as the Standard Boat that we have rated. It is 2 feet shorter.

After being measured by our in house expert, it was determined that this was NOT a Modified boat.

In house expert: I measured the I and ISP.  If you ask him how he got his measurement, I bet he will tell you that he measured from the top of the mast to the cabin top where the mast goes through, that is 2 ft. shorter.

ISP and I are measured to the shear-line, which is where the hull and deck meet.

You put something straight across the life lines at the mast and measure down at the side of the boat to where the hull and deck meet.  You measure both sides and average it.

You make a mark on the mast where the straight edge touches the mast and then measure from the top of the mast to this point.


New Adminstrative Assistant

Please welcome Sheena Tait as our new Administrative Assistant.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 June 2016 11:53

Sail Handicapping Changes 2016

A presentation (edited from the Spring Training Seminar) by Adam Farkas on Sail Handicapping Changes that you should be aware of.

In both Powerpoint (which you can dowload and use at your club) and PDF.


For Powerpoint presentationsPrinted in PDF

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:46

Certificate Renewals

On-line Certificate Renewals are now available.

Sorry for the delay but unfortunately we had last minute changes that we were struggling to get done.

For Handicappers:

Please remember, you will need to be logged in and you will only be able to renew a certificate if your
club has paid their dues for this year. Once logged in you can access your list of certificates from the
Handicappers menu, click on "Renewals".

For new handicappers: In order to renew a certificate on-line, you need to be registered.

To register, complete the registration form available here and you will be notified once your registration has been accepted.

For Owners:

You will need to contact your club Handicapper, he/she will be able to renew your certificate for the 2016 season.

Best Regards,


Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

Last Updated on Monday, 18 April 2016 10:04

Why has my Handicap Changed?

So your 2016 certificate has a revised handicap!

Before you do anything, take a minute to look at the following reasons.

Last Updated on Monday, 18 April 2016 10:05

Spring Training Pictures on Facebook

We have uploaded pictures of our Spring Training Seminar, held at the Youngstown Yacht Club.

PHRF-LO on Facebook

Like us !!

Last Updated on Monday, 04 April 2016 13:27

Jib Headsail Half Width (HHW)

Due to ongoing confusion regarding the necessity to measure the Headsail Half Width (HHW), Central Council has again reviewed he wording and voted to approve a rewording which they hope will clear up any misunderstandings.


Motion: Revise Handicappers Manual as follows:
Part II, Section 7.1.2:
Non Triangular Jibs – for boats with Jibs where the leach (aft edge) sheets
in front of the spreaders and have at least one full length batten, will be
required to submit the Headsail Half Width (HHW)
M/S: Adam/Owen. Carried.
Friendly amendment:
Revise Handicappers Manual, Part II, Section 7.1.2 as follows:
NOTE: Any sail less than 115% LP should be reviewed and shall be measured
for the HHW or risk protest

New Motion:
Revise Handicappers Manual, Part II, Section 7.1.2 as follows:

Should the largest Headsail in the boats rated inventory be of a LP 115% or
less, and that sails aft edge trims ahead of the spreaders with battens, the HHW
shall be measured.

Brian Chapman re-iterated that Handicappers should be made aware that excess Jib roach (ie: HHW * 2 is greater than LP), will require battens.

So this should be the first clue that the HHW should be reported when the largest Jib is 115% or less.



Last Updated on Thursday, 07 May 2015 11:58
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