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Contact information for the PHRF-LO Administration, Executives and Central Council.

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PHRF-LO EYC District Meeting
Wednesday May 2 2018 – 7 PM

Participants: Kirk Robertson (BRIT); Bill Visser (COBA; DC); Tom Tomlinson (HHYC)
Note: Technical issues had him listening until end of meeting when he expressed no concerns.; Chris Walmsley (KYC); Rob Colwell (KYC); Georges Andre Chaudron (NSC); Hugh Morrin (NSC); Mike Bowland (PEYC) Note: Mike had connectivity issues and was not able to actively participate.

Appeal: Bluenose (Moon Beam from BRIT)

  • There is uncertainty if the change made to the SP for the Bluenose (to 222) was correctly applied.
  • It is believed that the SP change was made with the design changes to the Bluenose (removal of Cabin, weight redistribution, removal of equipment)
    however the appellants boat is an older fibreglass version (McVay).
  • The only race data available and used in establishing the 222 SP at the recommendation of the Golden Horseshoe District was from a boat believed
    to be of the modified design, and there is now available additional (albeit one season).
  • Moved by Rob Colwell, Seconded by Bill Visser that:
    o The boat designs be verified by measurement and characteristics to determine if we are indeed speaking of the same boat.
    o Presuming there is a difference, the Bluenose McVay class be created and Moon Beam be assigned to this class.
    o The Bluenose McVay class be assigned a provisional rating of SP 240 and NFS-SP of 255. As this is based on a previously know design no PTF will be applied.
    o Request that Central Council review the Bluenose / Bluenose McVay situation.
    o Carried. (Hugh Morrin recorded opposed)

District Review: Antrim 27 IB - SB

  • Rob Colwell reported that based on observed performance in club events that a +3 adjustment would be appropriate.
  • Moved by Kirk Robertson seconded by Hugh Morrin that the Antrim 27 IB –SB SP be changed to 93 and the NFS-SP be changed to 123.
    o Carried

District Review: San Juan 30

  • Rob Colwell reported that no action is requested at this time.

New Boat: Graves 37

  • Application filed by Mike Bowland for new boat assignment.
  • Moved by Chris Walmsley seconded by Hugh Morrin that an SP of 105 and NFS-SP of 126 be assigned and that this reflects the PTF adjustment applied.
    o Carried.

Other Business:

Hugh Morrin identified that in the Ottawa area there are a large number of sails that will need the 7/8 measurement completed before 2020. The bulk of these sails
are of a design that there would be no appreciable advantage of including the 7/8 measurement in the calculations.

  • Motion by Hugh Morrin seconded by Rob Colwell that Central Council be requested to grandfather Mainsails built prior to 2016 to not require the 7/8
    o Carried.

Next Meeting: Traditionally held the same date as the EYC AGM, in Kingston. The tentative date is set for Nov 3 2018 at 10 AM at KYC.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 PM.

PHRF-LO Toronto East

Mid-Winter District Meeting Agenda

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Feb 18, 2018

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Thank you for your interest in joining Performance Handicap Racing Fleet - Lake Ontario (PHRF-LO).

We are always willing to accept new clubs to our organization and look forward to having you join in the future.

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As a Member Club of PHRF-LO your annual Membership dues are sent out in February.

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Many clubs are very confused about how the fee for their certificates is applied and why.

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Currently being reviewed!

We have asked Jim Teeters (US Sailing Offshore office) to analyze the effect of different keel configurations.

Our hope is to better assess the speed effect of different keels within versions of the same class.

Ready for the 2014 season!

John Crawley raised an issue that is occurring for boats with oversized mainsails.

The formula we are currently using is outdated and most sail makers & other handicapping systems have moved on.

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Ready for the 2014 season!

This project is intended to address some "unmeasured sail area".

 On April 14, Adam Farkas's presented his Headsail Rating change proposal and Central Council approved the change as follows:

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