2011 General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Toronto International Boat Show

Meeting Room 110 East


Attendees: John Fahy (Pres), Bent Voetmann (Vice Pres), Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Bob Porter (Asst. Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief Handicapper), Bill Visser (EYC Dist. Chief), Brian Veale (GHPRF Dist Chief), Larry Sill (RDPRF Dist. Chief), Andrews Hooker (SSYRA Dist Chief), Jamie Dike (TORE Dist. Chief), John Crawley (TORW Dist Chief), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), 41 Handicappers and 16 guests. Total in attendance (71).

Due to inclement weather the meeting start time was delayed and some reports were not available at time of reading.

1. Meeting was Called to order at 10:39 am

2. Acceptance of Minutes from January 09, 2010 AGM
Motion to waive reading of minutes of the previous meeting. Andy H/Bob P. Carried


3.1.Reports from executive:

John Fahy ( President )
Announced that due to personal issues Lizanne was not able to continue serving PHRF-LO and had tendered her resignation. Also, re-iterated that this was his last session as chair to the AGM, as he was resigning after a successful 3 year term in the office of President.

Bent Voetmann (Vice President) - NA

Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres) - NA

Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper) - NA

Bob Porter (Asst Chief)

Reviewed the analysis we do on data that has been distributed by way of the Race Analysis. Confirmed that Central Council is still looking at one design boats and their handicaps and suggested that handicappers bring issues to district chiefs for review by cc. Also that Central Council is looking at long distance racing and handicaps. Reviewed status of PHRF and US Sailing and his involvement within US Sailing PHRF Council.

Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief.)

As the only Central Council member who sits on IRC board and PHRF-LO he recognizes the differences in the governing of these two rating systems and noted that there is a place for both systems without being necessarily a straight head on completion for boats.


He reported on the study he did on the spinnaker size calculation methods for the purpose of rating and impact on handicaps. We may be overestimating the sizes by up to 50% in some cases and this may influence the fairness of handicaps awarded or adjusted. The study included the sizing and recommended a new approach to rating adjustments, as asymmetrical spinnakers on W/L racecourses are less efficient than symmetrical spinnakers, especially on CL fixed bow sprits. He also proposed a major review on NFS vs. FS rating differences or lack of differences in some cases, based on accurately calculated sail areas. Adam also noted that the over estimated spinnaker areas will impact or distort the definition of a sport boat (study is in progress by CC).


Adam also noted that the automatic 6 s/m initial penalty for new boats on the Lake is a deterrent to some owners. He suggested that this approach maybe justified for totally unknown and especially new custom racers, it is mostly not justifiable for production boats that exist in other areas (USA) with already established handicaps.

3.2. Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser (Eastern)

2010 was rather un-eventful. District fairly stable. Low waters and more weed growth, meant harder getting in and out the dock – participation curtailed a bit due to this.

One appeal – Beneteau 1st 310 SD – denied pending more information, Two MOD’s reviewed and assigned. No new boats unique to district.

Some new handicappers coming on board, but old hands are sticking around to help.

Trident Yacht Club is becoming more active again, so more activity in the St. Lawrence River, although it will be mainly weekend, point to point and long distance racing. Membership not available for a lot of mid-week closed course racing.

Stormont Yacht Club (Cornwall) interested in moving to PHRF-LO from St. Lawrence Valley PHRF, which appears to be more Montréal focused.

Brian Veale (Golden Horseshoe)

Reported having 3 meetings and used the forum for setting ratings. They processed 4 initial assignments, 2 appeals, and 2 handicap reviews.

Steve Corona ( Rep. Rochester)
Reported that it was quiet year with only one meeting and three new boat handicaps were set.

Andrews Hooker (South Shore)

Reported holding 1 & 1/2 meetings due to border restrictions. Managed to issue numerous certificates for new boats.


Jamie Dike (Toronto East)
Reported holding several meetings with interesting new boat classes.

John Crawley (Toronto West)
Reported holding 2 meetings at which we rated 18 new class, 2 mod boats and reviewed 2 appeals.


4. Business:

4.1. 2010 Financial Review – Andrew Sensicle.
Reported that we did overspend the budget allocated to projects and salaries a bit but we were under in our budget for training a new admin person. The bottom line for 2010 was a deficit of $3274.00.

4.2. 2011 Budget Proposal & Membership fee review – Andrew Sensicle

Motion to add a friendly amendment: due to projects from Central Council , it is recommend to increase in projects line by $5000, which will bring the budget deficit for 2011 to $19,500.00

Motion to accept financial review and budget proposal with amendment.
Andrew S/Andy H. Carried.

4.3. Member Review and acceptance

NEW – Oak Orchard Yacht Club


DROP – Port Hope Yacht Club

White Sails Polish Cdn Yacht Club
Zawisza Carne Polish Yacht Club

Motion to accept Oak Orchard Yacht club as a new member.
John F/Andy H. Carried.


5.1. Electronic Analysis vs Binder – John Fahy

Motion to distribute all reports via the PHRF-LO web site starting in 2012 and charge for printed (environmentally unfriendly) bound and printed reports for those who request one.

John F/Andy H. Carried.

5.2. Proposed Bylaw Change presented by Golden Horseshoe District as presented at AGM 2010 – John Fahy.

Presented by Glenn Freeman as:

In order to become a member of the PHRF-LO Executive, it is required that the candidate is:

a. A member of the National Authority of their Country

b. A member of a Yacht Club in good standing with PHRF-LO

c. Must own a sailboat and have a Valid PHRF-LO Certificate

d. Must have served as a Club Handicapper for at least 5 years, or have served at least 2 years as a Member of Central Council.


As per minutes to the Executive meeting held on November 20th, 2010.

It was recommended by the Executive that the above proposal be dropped as this would be too restrictive in our access to available volunteers.

Motion to accept the recommendation of the Executive to not adopt the proposal. John F /Andy H. Carried


5.3. Modification of our bylaws to have a method of bylaw change within our bylaws.

Bylaws: Section 13 Amendments to Bylaws

Notice of amendment to the bylaws must be distributed to the membership at least 30 days in advance of an Annual or Special meeting. Distribution shall be via email and posted on the PHRF-LO web site.
Adoption of the proposal for amendment requires at least 2/3 vote of the members present at the meeting.

Motion to propose the above Bylaw change which will be voted on at the next meeting. John F/Andy H. Carried


5.4. Executive Succession
Motion to create a nominating committee which would consist of the District Chief Handicappers. John F/Andy H. Carried.


6. Nominations/Election of Officers
Presidents Position
Larry Beneway (Brockport Yacht Club) – nominated by John Fahy/Andy H. Carried.
No other nomination were forthcoming therefore all other current Executive members will stand for another year.

7. Next Meeting: First day of Boat show: January 14, 2012, 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)

8. Adjournment 11:29.

Training / Information Seminar

Diana Riley did a short demonstration of the NEW Handicappers Worksheet with comparable worksheets

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