2010 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Saturday, January 9, 2010

Toronto International Boat Show


Attendees: John Fahy (Pres), Bent Voetmann (V. Pres),  Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres),  Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Bob Porter (Asst. Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC Dist Chief), Glenn Freeman (Act. GHPRF Dist Chief), Larry Sill (RDPHRF Dist Chief), Andrews Hooker (SSYRA Dist Chief), Jamie Dike (TORE Dist Chief), John Crawley (TORW Dist Chief), Diana Riley (Exec Asst), 36 Handicappers, 6 guests.

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:22 a.m.
2. Motion to waive reading of Minutes from January 10, 2009 AGM and accept as written. m/s Andrews H/Andrew S. Carried.


John Fahy ( President )
- reported that at the last Executive meeting, Diana Riley gave notice that she would be retiring within the next few years and that a replacement will be sought to take over the position of Exec Asst.

Bent Voetmann (Acting Vice President)
not available at time of report reading.

Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres)
– finances in good shape and would report in more detail when we review item 4 later on the agenda.

Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper)
– we are continuing to move toward equitable racing, starting with +6 added a few years ago to better match other PHRF regions ratings. More work will continue on the Q. Factor and sport/light displacement boats

Bob Porter (Asst Chief)
-  As a LYRA representative and member of US Sailing PHRF, I would like to report on Lake Ontario’s involvement in US Sailing. US Sailing has 4 handicapping systems: IRC, Americap, Portsmouth and PHRF. According to US Sailing numbers (Nationally), IRC has 450 certificates, ORR 629, and PHRF around 15,000. Lake Ontario PHRF has 1600 certificate holders which represents about 11% of the North American PHRF membership, we also perform the most comprehensive data analysis of race results in the PHRF system and adjust ratings based on that. We do more and we do it well! And therefore we are highly respected by other regions. As Assistant Chief Handicapper I would like to report that Central Council is continuing to look at the deltas between Flying Sails and Non Flying Sails ratings since we uncoupled them a few years ago. We are also actively looking at: Defining the PHRF Racer/Cruiser and Sport boat ratings. However, any changes may take a while.

Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief.)
– Reported an interesting session where an appeal was presented by an owner, this took more time than normal, Central Council takes the appeal process very seriously. We continue to try to see if custom boats, that are similar (ie; morc boats) are rated equitably. We are continually looking at improving ratings. We are also looking at how we can assist Major events, like LO 300. Last year, TORW was faced with many new boats to set ratings for so we are looking at how we can support the Districts handling these. Initial ratings are difficult with new designs. We are also looking at asymmetrical vs symmetrical spinnakers and I will personally be looking at how we calculate penalties and sail area, as we have some elements that are suspicious to me. Especially in new configurations out there.


Bill Visser (Eastern)
new to position - no report available.

Glenn Freeman (Rep Golden Horseshoe)
– Reported that they held 3 meetings in which we did Alert review, Mandatory District review, rating reviews on 9 boats, 4 initial ratings, a couple of appeals and the Viking 22 fleet modifications. We also requested a change to bylaws. We currently have 2 appeals outstanding. Ghphrf started using Carls page to help in setting new ratings (Carls Page is available on the front page of the PHRF-LO web site)

Larry Sill (Rochester)
– Reported having 2 meetings with 5 new boat ratings.

Andrews Hooker (South Shore)
– 2.5 meetings, no appeals, SSYRA continues to enforce the “no certificate, no score” policy.

Jamie Dike (Toronto East)
- Reported having 2 meetings, which included a new rating for the Sunfast 3200, which proved interesting, a couple modified boats were rated and basically helping new handicappers and clubs.

John Crawley (Toronto West)
– Reported holding 3 meetings in which, 41 new ratings were set, 2 appeals were heard and modified boats were rated. The newest thing that they have been trying to address is owners who go from symmetrical to asymmetrical spinnaker with a bowsprit. Most over 40’


4.1. 2009 Financial Review – Motion to accept report as written – m/s Andrew/Andrews H. Carried.

4.2. 2010 Budget Proposal & Membership fee review
– Motion to accept report as written – m/s Andrew/Andrews H. Carried.

4.3. Member Review and acceptance
– Motion to accept new member clubs
m/s – John Fahy/John Crawley – carried.

–     New Castle Yacht Club
Fairhaven Yacht Club (2010)
DROP –     Wiarton Yacht Club
Island Yacht Club


5.1.  Electronic Analysis vs Binder – John Fahy
Do we discontinue the practice of printing/binding all the reports and move to giving these out at the AGM in the form of a disk or flash drive.
It was requested that handicappers think about this, discuss this at their district meetings and have your district chief bring your suggestions to Central Council for guidance. Please: Tell us exactly what you want and in what format.

Glenn Freeman – suggest use both for next year.
Response – we will not make any changes until we hear back from the districts.

5.2.  Proposed Bylaw Change by Golden Horseshoe District
– Glenn Freeman

In order to become a member of the PHRF-LO Executive, it is required that the candidate is:
a. A member of the National Authority of their Country
b. A member of a Yacht Club in good standing with PHRF-LO
c. Must own a sailboat and have a Valid PHRF-LO Certificate
d. Must have served as a Club Handicapper for at least 5 years, or have served at least 2 years as a Member of Central Council.

1st – Roberts rules dictate the way we can change the bylaws.
Glenn Freeman– this motion was recommended due to someone who is no longer a member or cert holder, who was on the Executive but, did not attend meetings. Almost every other PHRF-LO position has criteria in our Bylaws.
m/s Glenn, Andrews H -
Overall general concern was that item d. would limit the available (and possibly valuable) people and that this was not necessary since the Executive handle only the business end of things, not the technical end that is required on a Central Council level.
Motion to refer this to the Executive to find a better solution and present at the next AGM.. m/s Bill Visser/Andrews H. Carried. No opposed.

5.3. Proposed change to Handicappers manual and certificate
– Andrew Sensicle

Handicappers Manual Change:

7.3.6. All racing Certificates shall expire on December 31st.
7.3.6. Racing Certificates shall not be valid unless signed by their owner and shall expire on December 31st.

At the foot of the certificate:
Owner pledges that all information in application is valid and current. This certificate is for rating purposes only and does not imply eligibility to race. Valid only if confirmed by "Valid Lists" at www.phrf-lo.org.
Owner pledges that all information in application is valid and current. This certificate is for rating purposes only and does not imply eligibility to race. Valid only if signed by the owner and confirmed by "Valid Lists" at www.phrf-lo.org.

Motion to modify 7.3.6 – presently reads “expire” should read “remain valid until”- m/s Andrew S/Andrews H Carried
Motion to refer this to the Exec for changes m/s Andrews H/Denis C  
Friendly amendment: to take action and have in place for the upcoming season. Bill V./Andrews H. Carried


Date set for March 27th, Port Credit Yacht Club volunteer host club.
Choice sheet handout was attached and submitted at the end of the meeting:
Results: presentation or panel discussion with the following topics:
22 Votes: Measurement demonstrations and assignment of initial handicap
14 Votes: Ways we (clubs/phrf) can encourage racing at clubs. Make it exciting.
11 Votes: Comparison of PHRF-LO vs IRC results.
8 Votes: Q.Factor and on-line scoring full presentation information seminar.
7 Votes: Golf scoring at the club level.
5 Votes: Modified boats not reported. - notice about repercussion for not reporting, giving deadline for reporting.
3 Votes: Q. Factor compression.
Other: written in by attendee
Establishing valid comparisons for initial handicap assignment
How to ensure that handicapping is done only on a boat - not on the skipper

7. NOMINATIONS/ELECTION OF OFFICERS – All positions are open for nominations.

Current Executives are willing to stand for another year.

Bent Voetmann – Vice President – Nominee (vote required). m/s John F/Andrews H. Carried.

Motion to accept all other Executive members for the coming year. m/s Colin A/Andrews H. Carried.

8. NEXT MEETING: First day of Boat show: January 8, 2011, 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)
Note: It was agreed, by show of hands, to continue having the AGM at the Boat Show.

9. Meeting was adjourned at 11:36 am.

10. TRAINING / INFORMATION SEMINAR – STEVE CORONA – Q. Factor update. (20 min)

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