2009 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Toronto International Boat Show

Meeting Room C1


Attendees: John Fahy (Pres), Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Hand, Rep:EYC), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief Hand), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), Brian Veale (GHPRF), Larry Sill (RDPRF), Andrews Hooker (SSYRA), Jamie Dike (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), 37 Handicappers, 2 Guests.

1.       The meeting was called to order at 10:25 am.

2.       Motion to waive the reading of the minutes of January 12, 2008 and accept them as written. M/S Andy/Paul. Carried

3.       REPORTS

3.1.       Reports from executive:

John Fahy ( President ) – Welcomed all with nothing significant to report he welcomed the reports from the Executive.
Ian McKimmie (Vice President) – N/A
Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres) – postponed his report until the Financial Review and Budget forecast.
Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper) – Thanked all clubs for submitting their data for analysis. Central Council will continue the mandatory reviews of ratings from the analysis. There is continued work being looked at by the Technical Advisory Committee on behalf of the Central Council. Also, they will continue to have Diana update the web with items like “How to measure a mainsail” including pictures.
Bob Porter (Asst Chief)  - N/A
Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief.) – Central Council discussed the issue of “droopy mains” and concluded that this does not affect performance and is therefore, not an issue. Also, they are also looking at and will incorporate a policy regarding “moving appendages” in the handicapper’s manual.

3.2.       Reports from the District Chiefs:

Brian Thomson (Rep - Eastern) – reported that they had 2 meetings at which they set 7 new ratings and reviewed 3 ratings. They also discussed the removal of the Whisker pole penalty.
Brian Veale (Golden Horseshoe) – reported that they had 3 meetings at which they set 8 new ratings, reviewed the alerts and had discussions regarding “droopy mains” and the “WPL attachment”.
Larry Sill (Rochester) – reported setting 3 new ratings and reported no controversial issues this year.         
Andrews Hooker (South Shore) – reported that they had 2 meetings at which included reviewing the alerts, changing a couple of unique to district ratings and discussion on a couple of unusual rating requests.
Jamie Dike (Toronto East) – reported that they held one meeting where they set 2 new ratings. Otherwise, a slow year.
John Crawley (Toronto West) – reported holding one meeting at which 6 new ratings were set.

4.       Nominations/Election of Officers – The entire current Executive have indicated that they are willing to stand for another year. John Fahy welcomed any nominations from the floor. No nominations were made.
Motion to accept the current Executive and close nominations. M/S Andy/John. Carried.

5.       Business

5.1.       2008 Financial Review – Andrew Sensicle reviewed the income and expenses for the 2008 year. Showing that we are still strong financially and may look into moving more funds into GICs.
Motion to accept the Financial Review as written. M/S Andrew/Andy. Carried.

·        2009 Budget Proposal & Membership fee review – Andrew Sensicle reviewed the Budget Proposal highlighting decreases on some budget lines with an increase in projects line.
Motion to accept the Budget Proposal as written. M/S Andrew/Andy. Carried

5.2.       Member Review and acceptance – John Fahy requested that we accept the 2 new clubs as members of PHRF-LO. Motion to accept. M/S Andy/Brian. Carried.

NEW – Port Hope Yacht Club, White Sails Polish Cdn YC,


DROP – none

6.       NEW BUSINESS 

6.1.       TAC presentation regarding changes to Time on Time Q Factor – Steve Corona spoke regarding the change to the Time on Time Q Factor. A PowerPoint presentation showing the extensive analysis of the recommendation showed that our current Q Factor is not optimal and adjustment to the Q from .045 to .008 will help when analyzing fleets with a large rating spread by tightening the results.
A question and answer period followed. Attached.

6.2.       Boats racing without a VALID certificate – Proposal to issue certificates and add them to club roster.
Brian Thomson identified that we continue to have issues with racers who refuse to purchase a PHRF-LO certificate. Out of fairness to the racers on the lake who are supporting our efforts we are being forced to address this issue.
The proposal is: Any owner that races a boat more than 5 races in a season will be issued a PHRF-LO certificate number. The club handicapper will be notified when the races are analyzed and it will be added to the club roster and billed (at the current certificate rate) to the club the following spring.
Motion to accept the proposal. M/S Paul/James. Carried

6.3.        Roller Furling Mains – Allison Norris of OYS asked if Central Council would be reviewing the issue surrounding “Roller Furling Mains”. Brian Thomson requested that she identify these boats for Central Council to review at their next meeting.
Other clubs will also be asked to identify these boats.

7.       SPRING TRAINING: Tentative: Jim Teeters of US Sailing ORR & IRC has been contacted to do a presentation but not confirmed. Date may be changed to April 4th. Several Clubs have volunteered to host this including Port Credit, Youngstown & National.
A question was raised about the possibility of holding these seminars more than once in different locations due to distance issues. John Fahy explained that cost factors would be the issue as we have to pay for travel and accommodations for the speakers.
It was suggested that a “Skype feed” would allow people to participate and is relatively inexpensive. This will be looked into.

8.       Next Meeting: First day of Boat show: January 9, 2010, 10:00 am– A show of hands favored holding the next AGM at the boat show again.

9.       Meeting was adjourned at 11:21 am.

10.  Training / Information Seminar – Colin Alston spoke on the Portsmouth Yardstick System in England.

Time on Time change to Q Factor Q&A:

Q. It appears that the faster boats are slowing down.
A. Correct, and the slower boats will be faster.

Q. Changes to the Q Factor will change the TOT Multiplier.
A. Correct, all clubs will be notified of the new multiplier. Also, clubs can use any Q Factor they wish as well as any rating. But this is the number that will be used to analyze the race results.

Q. If someone is improving in their performance will their position change?
A. Yes it could. Which would be a positive affect on racing on Lake Ontario.

Q. Can we go back and change all the previous analysis?
A. That is what we have done in the analysis demonstration and will do for all the analysis reports for the next AGM.

Q. The .008 Q is essentially adjusting the larger boats, correct?
A. Yes.

Q. How different will our TOT multiplier be from other North America PHRF numbers?
A. We had looked at that originally, including other rules. We wanted to match the measurement rules at that time. Our attempt was to improve the differences between large and small boats.

Q. Would they use different Qs for different rating bands?
A. Not this year, although we will continue to look at future changes and improvements.

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