November 2015

Central Council Meeting

November 21, 2015


Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Fran Doyle (ROCH), John Crawley (TORW), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), Brian Chapman – (TAC)

1)      Meeting was called to order at 11:55 am.

2)      Motion to approve minutes from March 28, 2015. M/S. Bill V/Sue S. Carried.

3) Class Reviews

a) J 100 - update to reflect CF mast, corrected JSP with CL.
Based on supplied information, motion to make class changes and reduce SP -9 to maintain relative ASP. M/S. Bill/John. Carried.

b) Open 60 - from Eastern District - Bill Visser
Deferred to end of day discussion on “philosophy” of a phrf rated boat.

c) VX One - New rating 108 FS-SP (-6 PTF = 102) from Eastern District meeting 2015/11/07 – dispute about initial rating.
Motion to approve initial rating, which will be reviewed after 2 years of race results. M/S. John/Bill. Carried.

d) Irwin 10/4 - New rating 235 FS-SP (no PTF) from Eastern District meeting 2015/11/07- dispute about initial rating.
Motion to apply the -6 PTF to this new rating. M/S. John/Sue. Carried.

e) Dragon - appeal from SSYRA – no representative to present appeal but Central Council reviewed it.
Noted was the following:
- The skipper of the boat that has been flagged by the appellant has an impressive racing/sailing resume going back 50 years on multiple different boats and winning or placing in interclub events around the lake and around the world.
- the appellant is correct in that our race analysis is showing the “class” as racing faster than their handicap, as a group. However, looking at individual results, it would indicate that that number has been skewed by a couple of keen racers, not including the subject boat.
- fleet make up and splits can have a significant impact on the analysis.
- given the actual analysis of the flagged boat and the experience level of this competitor, it would be indicative of an increase in the rating.
- The motor issue noted in the appeal will be looked into by Central Council as this is a lake wide item that can affect more than this boat.

Motion to deny the appeal based on the above notes. M/S. John C/ Bill V. Carried.

4)    Handicapping items:

a) Sail measurement review - Adam

JIB: Non overlapping jib measurement criteria - Adam Farkas- No requirement for Full Length Battens necessary (per B. Chapman)


  • 15% (CL Fixed) sprit tollerance - Adam Farkas
  • · Articulating spinnaker pole rule modification - Adam Farkas

MAINSAIL: May require the 7/8th point on Mainsail “MGT” to be collected. Old sails would be grandfathered.
Action: Adam to review this.

Action: Adams actual document was not available for review prior to the meeting. Distribution of article will be done and reviewed at next meeting.

e) NFS-Delta - use of new sail areas calculations in formula.
Jim Teeters uses standard sail area formulas to calculate the NFS-Delta, however they are different from what we are now using.
Motion to update the formula to keep consistent and modify the NFS-Deltas.
M/S. John C/Bill V. Carried.

f) PROP - adjustment for exposed props. Handbook Section 7.5 - From EYC minutes 2015/11/7
Action: Questions regarding the appropriate adjustments will be forwarded to the TAC for review.

5)      Other items:

a) Benchmark Boats – (tabled for review after Sail Area changes) Brian Thomson/Diana Riley
Need for criteria/rules when reviewing the ratings of Benchmark Boats. (tabled until after Sail Area rating review has been completed).

b) US Sailing PHRF - Fleets assessments - Jamie Dike (not available)

c) Race Analysis Fleet profiles
A report that gives a profile of each Fleet that has been analyzed and an overall Lake profile. This will be added to the reports generated by the race analysis program. (see samples below)

Lake Profile - Sample

Fleet Details - Sample

Club Profile - Sample

Motion to approve the project required to accomplish this. M/S. John C/ Bill V. Carried.

d) Interquartile Range used for Race Analysis
Use of Interquartile range to remove races from a boats results that fall outside of the ranges. This will help improve individual boats Calc ASP and in particular, the Standard Deviation. This would also reduce admin time.
Motion to approve the use of “Interquartile Range” as a means of removing outliers in an individual boats races over a season.
M/S. John C/ Fran. Carried.

e) PHRF Article - Owen Schneider (not available)

6)      Adjournment: 4:00

Next CC meetings:

Winter Meeting: February 27, 2016

Spring Meeting: SUNDAY, April 3, 2016 (following the Spring Training Seminar)

Fall Meeting: November 19, 2016

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