February 2015

Central Council Meeting
Location: Port Credit Yacht Club Boardroom

February 28, 2015


Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Larry Huibers (SSYRA), Fran Doyle (RDPRF), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), Brian Chapman (TAC)

1)      Meeting was called to order at 10:17 am.

2)      Motion to approve Minutes from November 22, 2014. M/S Owen/Bill. Carried.

3) Class Reviews

a) Alert Review – all classes reviewed with no change to handicap except as follows:

Beneteau 1st 345 – (+3) from FS 126 to 129. Based on NFS Race Analysis of +15 and US Sailing average of FS 132. M/S. Larry/John. Carried.

C&C 38-1 – (-3) from FS 120 to 117. Based on FS & NFS Race Analysis of -11 & -7 and US Sailing average of FS 114. M/S. Owen/Larry. Carried.

Gibsea 9.2 – (+3) from FS 162 to 165. Based on FS Race Analysis of +34 and US Sailing districts at 162&165. M/S. John/Larry. Carried.

Hunter 28.5 – (-3) from FS 171 to 168. Based on FS Race Analysis of -31 and recommendation from Rochester District Meeting, tempered by the US Sailing average. M/S. John/Owen. Carried.

J 30 – Motion to remove Benchmark boat status, class no longer qualifies. M/S. Bill/John. Carried. No change to handicap.

Melges 32 - (-3) from FS 24 to 21. Based on FS Race Analysis of -33 and US Sailing ODR average of 24 vs boat ASP of 36.  John/Owen. Carried.

Tanzer 26 – Motion to remove Benchmark boat status, class no longer qualifies. M/S. Bill/Owen. Carried. No change to handicap.

Tanzer 7.5 - Motion to remove Benchmark boat status, class no longer qualifies. M/S. Sue/John. Carried.
(-9) from FS 237 to 228.
Based on NFS Race Analysis of -17. M/S. Owen/Bill. Carried.

Thunderbird - Motion to remove Benchmark boat status, class no longer qualifies. M/S. Bill/John. Carried. No change to handicap.

Tripp 26 – (+3) from 114 to 117. Based on FS Race Analysis of +9 and US Sailing ODR rating of 114 vs boat ASP of 111 and US Sailing non-ODR average 120. M/S. Owen/John. Carried.

Motions Defeated:
Hunter 28.5 (-6) M/S. Fran/Larry. Defeated.
Laser 28 (+3) M/S. Fran/Larry. Defeated.
Oday 25 CB – (+3) M/S. John/Owen. Defeated.

b) Beneteau 1st 305 - Appeal from 2012 - SSYRA  - Larry H
(+6) from 153 to 159
to bring in line with the 30E MH rating at FS 159.
M/S. Larry/Fran. Carried.
Also adjust the SD version.

c) Dragon - class specs change and affect on handicaps – Diana
to offset change in class specs and maintain ASPs.
M/S. Sue/Bill. Carried.

d) C&C 27 (1,2,4) - JSP Update – Diana
Update all JSP values as listed on the Class Association web site.
Mark 4 - (-3) to maintain ASPs.
M/S. John/Larry. Carried.
Mark 2 - (-3) to maintain ASPs.
M/S. John/Bill. Carried.
Mark 1 – (-3) to keep in line with Mark 2.
John/Larry. Carried.
Note: Mark 1 Motion of (-6) to keep ASP was defeated. M/S. John/

e) New Class Review - No boats according to rules.
Motion to waive the “rules for review” for the following classes:
M/S Owen/Larry. Carried.

Oday 240 – (+6). Give back PTF. M/S. John/Owen. Carried.

Hunter 306 RFM SD – John Crawley will prepare a worksheet for the next meeting.

J 88 – (+3) Give back part of the PTF. M/S John/Owen. Defeated.
To be deferred as part of regular review process.

f) New York 40 - New rating by TORE
Initial handicap of FS-SP 102, was disputed by John C during distribution of minutes.

Central Council assigned rating of 93 with no PTF (PTF exception given do to the existing US PHRF data).
M/S. Sue/Bill. Carried.

g) Glenn L 36 MOD - New rating by TORE
John C voiced concern over the notation that “this handicap was subject to further discussion” in the minutes.
Central Council reviewed this with the Owen and agreed to leave the rating as the District had designated.

4)    Handicapping items:

a) Mainsail Size project – Owen (rep: Adam)
Review of formula and effect on certificates
Determine new Maximum size (currently 103.1%) to be effective for 2015 and 2016
Grandfathering of old mains?
NOTE: Brian Chapman indicated that the use of TW (top width) could be confusing and that it would be clearer if using HW (head width).

Mainsail changes for 2015:
Use of term HW (replacing HB) in all Mainsail references.
Introduction of single digit adjustments
No penalty for sails up to 103%.

Mainsail changes for 2016:
Introduction of new Mainsail area formula and MA%
Credit for mainsails under 100% (maximum credit to be determined)

Motion to adopt Mainsail changes for 2015 & 2016. M/S. Sue/Larry. Split vote. 3 in favor, 3 apposed.  Brian T broke tie, with a vote in favor.

NOTED: it was recognized that boats with mainsails from 100% to 103% will receive no penalty or credit in 2016.

Motion: Central Council, during their annual review of race results, will review the Mainsail penalties and credits with the intention of normalizing the maximum (without penalty) to 100%. M/S. John/Owen. Carried.

b) Handbook items:
Square Top -
standardized usage of term for head width greater than 0.04 * E or .5 ft. Brian Chapman
HW - to replace HB in all references.
See Mainsail changes above.

Definitions – some concerns were raised with the duplication of information in the RRS & ERS and our handicapper’s manual. Central Council felt it was helpful to handicappers to have everything in a single place. So all current definitions will remain and some new ones will be added.

5)      Other items:

a) Benchmark Boats –(tabled for review after Sail Area changes) Brian Thomson/Diana Riley
Need for criteria/rules when reviewing the ratings of Benchmark Boats. (tabled until after Sail Area rating review has been completed).

b) STS Suggestion: GHPRF - Sue Sproule
Handicappers worksheet breakout session:
Central Council will offer separate groups for reviewing the Handicappers worksheet.

c) Point to Point handicaps – Central Council would like to ask the TAC to contact US Sailing regarding the Chesapeake Bay, Point to Point study Information.
They would like to have US Sailing give us an estimate on the cost to run our data through based on a Circular Random course.
M/S. John/Owen. Carried.

6)      Adjournment: 4:45 pm

Next CC meetings:

Spring Meeting: March 28, 2015

Fall Meeting: November 21, 2015

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