November 2014

Central Council Meeting
Port Credit Yacht Club Boardroom

November 22, 2014


Attendees:  Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Larry Huibers (SSYRA), Fran Doyle (RDPHRF), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), Joanne Seeds (Admin Asst)
Guests: Brian Chapman (TAC), Michael Brown (NYC).

1)      Call to order at 12:00 p.m.

2)      Approval of Minutes from Saturday March 29, 2014 and April 15, 2014 conference call.

Motion to accept – M/S Owen Schneider/ Larry Huibers


3) Class Reviews

a) J 24 - Spinnaker Max Girth & Mainsail needs confirmed for Class specs data

Does the SP get adjusted for the penalty now being taken by J24 for Max. girth penalty of 3 sec.

Brian will work out the measurements to provide additional data.

Motioned to allow 3 second penalty to ASP** based on observed performance. M/S Larry Huiber/John Crawley


Motion No adjustment for mainsails that fit within the ODR component
Larry Huibers/ Adam Farkas


** Remove the +3 temporary spinnaker adjustment with no modification to the SP and pending Adam’s mainsail change any boat in an ODR configuration will not incur a penalty as a result of changes to the mainsail.

b) J 22 - Mainsail oversized for Class specs data & EYC note regarding rating increase.

Motioned to rescind the previous motion.
M/S Bill Visser/ Larry Huibers


NOTE: CC will take a look at the performance review in February and this will be discussed, this will include OD, (J22, J24). Tabled until meeting in February

c) Northstar Farr 727 - Appeal from owner. TORW reviewed this June 17, 2013 but owner did not submit to PHRF-LO.

Results are not consistent,

Motion to leave as it. M/S Owen Schneider/Sue Sproule


d) Dragon class as CUS - standard dims may be different on all boats

Recognize that P & E may be different but owners need to accept it.  Owner’s option is to appeal if they feel there is an issue.

Post a standard class rule, and if different then the owner can request a MOD revision, Brian has standards he can supply to Diana. If outside of x% of standard than can request change.

Deferred for further research, Brian Chapman to find measurements.

e) Aloha 27/8.2 - difference in E msmt from 1981 onward. Looks like should be two classes

Action: Separate into two classes with different measurements then contact owners to see which class they are in. Separate Aloha 27/8.

4) Handicapping items:

a) Mainsail measurements requirements - When are penalties applied to mainsails? Adam & Brian
Only when "Newly" added to a certificate
Clarification, either Newly built mainsail or a boat that changes hands then must measure the mainsail.

Motion – Members will be informed that in 2016 the backstay Mainsail measurement exception will be removed in conjunction with the new Mainsail Area formula being introduced by Adam Farkas.

Members have until that time to measure their sails.  If there is no measurement in 2016 then the certificate will show “Unmeasured Main” for the mainsail and can be protested.

M/S Bill Visser/Owen Schneider


b) Rule 10.5 review - Committee: Brian T, members include: John C, Owen S, Brian C (TAC).
Central Council (in conjunction with a subcommittee) have discussed the “Extreme Yachts” rule that we currently have in our Handicappers Manual Part II, Section 10.5.


10.5. EXTREME YACHTS - In order to receive a handicap to race in PHRF-LO, a yacht may not have 'racks' in place racing (movable structures available to facilitate moving the crew outside the hull to aid righting movement). As well trapezes and their wires are not to be onboard during racing

Re-wording of rule will be as follows:
10.5 EXTREME YACHTS – PHRF-LO will only rate monohull keel boats, as defined by ERS C.6.2.a, without devices or facilities to move the crew member’s body outside of the sheerline, as defined by ERS D.1.2., of the hull.

10.5.1 This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

i. Racks

ii. Wings

iii. Trampolines

iv. Trapezes (ERS F.1.7.c, i)

10.5.2 Exception – this rule does not apply to classes of boats originally designed, built or modified prior to 1980.

M/S John Crawley/ Larry H


c) No Motor on Crusader - Diana Riley
Class was rated originally with No Motor but the owner added a motor and gained 12 sec. Owner does well with poor Std Dev.

No action.

d) Handbook items:

Definition of a Jib - number of tack location - John C
Sail with rope luff that is attached to the furler at the head and the tack. No solid furler, just rope luff of the genoa.
NOTE: This is a J and I adjustment – designated as a modified boat and needs a new rating –Hunter 460 WK – Mike Lawson – “Impulse”

JSP, SPL & BSL - definition changes made by Brian Thomson May 2014 were confirmed and appropriate.

e) Single Digit Adjustments - Diana Riley

All Sail size adjustments will now be applied in single digit increments vs 3 se/nm increments.

All Adjustment tables will be removed from the Handicappers manual and be replaced with the following statements:

JIB (Genoa): Maximum 155%.
1 sec/nm for every 5% change in sail size.
Adjustment maximum of +11, minimum of -9

SPINNAKER (Sym and Asym): Maximum 180%.
1 sec/nm for every 5% change in sail size.
Adjustment maximum of +12, minimum of -24

MAIN: Maximum 100%.
1 sec/nm for every 1% change in sail size.
Adjustment maximum of -9, minimum of 0.

Motioned by John Crawley

Seconded by Sue Sproule


f) Related Classes - Diana Riley

In an effort to reduce the number of classes being reviewed, a project to combine “related classes” for Analysis and administrative tasks will be undertaken.

All current classes will remain as listed, but will be combined to create an additional “Summary Report” for the race analysis and review purposes.

This will also be used to streamline some administrative tasks when rating changes are made.

5)      Other items:

a) Benchmark Boats –(tabled for review after Sail Area changes) Brian Thomson/Diana Riley
Need for criteria/rules when reviewing the ratings of Benchmark Boats. (tabled until after Sail Area rating review has been completed).


b) District Meetings - Diana Riley

A reminder to all District Chiefs and Handicappers.

New Ratings - 1 week waiting period.
Meeting minutes will be held for a period of one week to allow distribution and review by other District Chiefs before any items can be processed. So New Ratings will also be held, which could affect Rush/Late requests.

Meeting Notices - 1 week requirement
Reminder that notice of a District meeting require 1 week notice.

No action

c) Sail Measurement Form - Diana Riley

Central Council reviewed and approved a new form created for Sail Makers to submit sail sizes to us.

Action: This form will be available on-line and an email will be sent out to Sailmakers.

d)Modification of Race Analysis Summary - Diana Riley

The Summary race analysis will now include both FS & NFS in single report.
Side by side reporting for each class will now be published instead of the individual FS & NFS Summary report.

No Action.

6) Adjournment

Motioned by John Crawley

Seconded by Brian Thomson


Next CC meetings:

Winter Meeting: February 28, 2015

Spring Meeting: March 28, 2015

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