GHPRF January 2018

Golden Horseshoe District Meeting

January 23, 2018

In Attendance: Susan Sproule (BHYC), Al Molloy (RHYC), Mike VanderVaart (NYCS), Scott Lyons (OYS), Ken Town (OYS), Alex McMillin (OC)


• Race Analysis Alerts List

o Alert list reviewed

o Olson 911 S should be reduced 3 seconds to match the rating on a Laser 28

o Two “benchmark boats were identified as having issues related to the current delta. (The delta is the difference between FS and NFS SP’s). These boats are the C&C 29-2** and the Grampion 26**. Race data indicates that both boats should have adjustments to NFS, but not FS.

• Any additional District requests for rating reviews?

o There is a request to review the rating for the Catalina 310. The current certificate holder does not do course racing, only point-to-point, so this boat is not flagged in PHRF-LO race analysis. NOTE: The draft listed for the fin keel version in PHRF-LO does not match manufacturer’s specifications.

o NOTE ADDED AFTER THE MEETING BY S. SPROULE - Since the only certificate for this class is in Golden Horseshoe, this class should be reviewed at our next District meeting. (Central Council will consent or object when they review the District meeting minutes.)

• 2018 PHRF-LO updates

o 3 second penalty for unmeasured mains  Can PHRF-LO Admin provide Handicappers with a list of unmeasured mains in their Club?

o New mainsail formula using 7/8 measurement

o "What we rate" criteria

• Anticipated 2018 initial assignments?

o Bronte Harbour will have two initial assignments for 2018.

o Hopefully any initial assignments within the District can be presented and discussed at the next District Meeting

• District representation at Central Council

o Feb 24 - Central Council Meeting at PCYC – Scott Lyons will attend this meeting to represent Golden Horseshoe District

o March 24-25 Spring Training Seminar and Central Council Meeting at Barrie Yacht Club – Sue cannot attend. Representative not determined at this point.

• Next meeting o Late April, early May. Date to be determined.

Meeting Calendar


Next Meeting

01.19.2019 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Annual Meeting
02.23.2019 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Central Council Meeting - Winter