TORE February 2011

TOREast PHRF-LO meeting February 23, 2011 at WYC.



Convened at 1900




Colin Alston (FBYC), Dennis Champagne (NCYC), Jamie Dike (district chief & FBYC), Ross Eddie (BPYC), David Kernaghan (BPYC), Rob Lenters (COYC) (minutes), Dave Morton (LSYA), Doug Norton (WYC), Owen Schneider (CBYC).


Note: On all votes involving racing handicappers who have a conflict of interest, those skippers abstained from voting.



Dave Morton presented details on the Freedom 25 named AbiCat:

- extra large roach on the main - keep the -9 sec/nm as is.

- spinnaker pole attaches to the forestay and articulates but the spin pole is shorter than usual.

- bowsprit pole-length is incorrectly defined. It should be from the stem head to the tack (attachment point) of the head sail.

We recommend that the previous NFS rating of 246 WS becomes 243 WS based on standard measurements and FS rating becomes 234 - 6 for modifications = 228 FS for his ASP.

All in favour - carried.



Doug Norton presented details on Martin 243 named Black Shadow:

- whopping sport index of 3.1153!

- has wings to place movable human ballast outboard.

- not really a keelboat with ‘weightless’ daggerboard.

- US Sail has it at 54, mid-Atlantic has it as 39, we recommend ASP 60 -6 = 54 FS and 84 NFS.

All in favour - carried.

Note because of rule 10.3 being brought up during the review of the minutes and a none definite answer in TORE by discussion on the PHRF-LO forum, the rating has been sent to Central Council for review before issuance of a certificate.



C&C 35 Mk II : mod. Insufficient results to make a change.

Jenneau Sunfast 3200 from BPYC:

- he sailed calc rating +11 for 8 races. He showed approx. 9 sec/nm improvement in two years. We suggest removing the - 6 sec/nm (new boat) ‘penalty’ .

All in favour - carried.


New and changed class review and recommendations:


Ajax 28 mod: we rated in 2009 and there are insufficient results. No change.

Vic Carpenter custom 31: no results - no change.

Sandpiper 565 mod : no results - no change.

Bavaria 33 shoal draft : no change.

Olson 911 SE: no change.


District Alert Review and recommendations:



Abbott 27 : we suggest -3 sec/nm based calc rating -13 on 89 races. All in favour - carried.

Aloha 27/8.2 OB : leave it as is. Carried.

Beneteau 38 SD : Calc rating +19 on 46 races, some results based on short-handed races - leave it where it is.

C&C 30 SD - leave it as is.

C&C 99 - leave it as is.

Catalina 34 Mk II Tall mast Wing Keel: leave it.

CS 36 : leave it as is. Doug Norton abstains from voting.

Flying Tiger 10M : based on results around the buoys we recommend +3 sec/nm. Also brings them up to par with other Great Lakes ratings. All in favour - carried.

Hunter Legend 37 WK: We propose - 6 sec/nm . All in favour - passed.

Laser 28 NFS : leave it.

Melges 24 : no change.

Mirage’s : no change.

Nonsuch 30 : no change.

Northern 25 IB: leave it as is.

Pearson Flyer 30: suggest -3 for NFS only (down to 144). All in favour - passed.

Shark 24: leave them as is.

Sirius 28: we recommend -9 sec/nm. All in favour - passed.

Thunderbird: We suggest -9 sec/nm NFS only. All in favour - passed.



Adjourned at 21:10

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