TORE November 2016

PHRF-LO Toronto East Winter District Meeting

Agenda 19:30 Tuesday, November 1st 2016

Whitby Yacht Club

Host: James Dike, WYC


Attendance: Bluffers Park Yacht Club (BPYC) –David Kernaghan

Cathedral Bluff Yacht Club (CBYC) – Owen Schneider, Terry Kuehn

Cobourg Yacht Club (CYC) – Rob Lenters

Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club – Bob Hickson

Whitby Yacht Club (WYC) – John Scurr, James Dike


Summary of Ratings Approved

Boat SP - FS  SP - NFS
Catalina Capri 23.5 CF  102 132

Includes PTF


1. Administration: a. Other Administrative Matters – No discussion.

2. Reports from the District Clubs: a. Roundtable Reporting – No material updates

3. Items to go to Central Council a. Proposal for Experimental Certificate.   We need data to allow us to rate new boats in a world of change. APPROVED – MOVE TO CENTRAL COUNCIL TO ADOPT

4. New Boat Handicaps All measurements are in decimal feet and pounds as provided by the proposing PHRF-LO TORE club handicapper.

a. Catalina Capri 23.5 CF – Cobourg YC – Rob Lenters

The Catalina Capril 23.5 CF was designed to be a boat similar to the Melges 24 boat design and one-design (OD). Only a few examples were built (less than 10) and one is still actively raced in the SoCal PHRF area. The boat has a carbon mast. The boat was raced at CYC for the summer for additional data.



** Need to insert Missing Photos here**




Rating: SP 102 FS and SP 132 NFS, -6 PTF is included. (PTF - Excluded it is FS 108, NFS 138).


Rig Specifications

8.25 13.25 29.00 30.00 12.25 30.00


Hull Specifications

23.50 23.00 8.25 1,800 TBD 5.00 OB


5. General Discussion

a. Review of 1D35 Rating – No need to change or review anything as it is following the established rating practices thus requires no separate rating. TORE suggests if there is an issue with the base rating, then the entire fleet should be reviewed.

b. Quest 33 – Rated via forum, no issues.

c. Skud 18 should have protect the fleet removed. Race result have it usually at the back of the fleet.

d. Invader 33 should have rig dimensions from standard table should be reviewed. Short Rig is correct, it appears Tall/Std Rig are incorrect

6. Next Meeting Date – February 2017, exact date to be determined.

7. End – Meeting End Called at 21:30.


PHRF-LO Toronto East would to thank James Dike and the Whitby Yacht Club for hosting the fall district meeting


Meeting Calendar


Next Meeting

11.17.2018 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Executive Meeting
11.17.2018 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Central Council Meeting - Fall