RDPRF February 2014


The meeting was called to order at 1:20 pm,  Feb 16 2014 at the GYC club house


Fred Suppon – OYC, Dick Taylor – OYC, Tim Breen – RYC, Steve Corona – GYC, Dale Ewbank – GYC, Frances Doyle – SBYC


Appeal of  the rating of the Beneteau 1st 30E – review of the rating of the R-boat Acadia – review of the alert list.


Appeal of the Beneteau 30E:


Last year the central council changed the rating of the boat from 168 to 159. An appeal was filed last fall. The appeal from Fran Enwright  of OYc was presented by club handicappers Fred Suppon and Dick Taylor. The paperwork supported that the boat is well                                sailed by an experienced skipper and is well prepared for racing. The race results were reviewed.  After discussion, a proposal was made to change the rating to 162 as it was believed that the 9 second hit was not supported by the cumulative race results.

Tim (RYC), Steve (GYC), and Dale (GYC) voted and approved the change to 162. Fran Doyle abstained due to potential conflict of interest.
(Due to the vote only including 2 members (clubs) the decision to change could not be authorized by the admin office)

The rating for the R-boat  R6 – Acadia:

Acadia is a well known R boat on lake Ontario. She has been sailing on Lake Erie for the past several years, but returned to Lake Ontario last summer and to the same owner as she had when last sailing here. The data base has her listed as having an inboard engine.                 However this boat has never had an engine. The owner would like to use an outboard and receive the 12 sec no motor time back. He used a 9.9 hp outboard to go through the Welland Canal and was able to move the boat at 6 k.

No handicapper felt that a 9.9hp out board placed down below or on the transom would effect the sp of this heavy displacement boat.  In 1990, when the boats were last rated,  the asp was first determined and the sp was configured from there.                                                       Back then the deduction for no motor was 6 sec, and the sp was 117. In 2006 all boats on lake Ontario received 6 sec, and acadia’s sp then increased to 123.

In order to keep the asp the same for this boat (as recommended by the district),  we submit that the sp should be 117 and the data base corrected to outboard (for propulsion).

Review of the alert list:

The members reviewed the boats on the alert list  and recommended no change for the cal 30-3, Chrysler 26, scampi 3 mod, tartan 27, and x102. The Pearson 30’s last year were sailing faster than their ratings and we were concerned that the rating                                                last year was increased from 168 to 171. We believe that at a very minimum the boat should be returned to 168. 165 would be a more accurate rating for this boat.

Next meeting : in the fall to be announced

Adjournment: The agenda was completed and the meeting was ended at 3pm

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