RDPRF February 2011

Rochester District Winter Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2011


In Attendance

Larry Sill (District Chief), Steve Corona (GYC), Richard Taylor (OYC), Larry Beneway (BYC), Jim Hill (RCSC) Tim Breen (RYC), Dale Ewbank (GYC Guest), Jon P. Flowerday (PYC), Dan Schuth (OOYC), Tom Jayne (PYC)

A motion was passed to clarify the minutes of the June 14, 2009 and the initial assignment of the B-25 MOD. It was the intention of the district to set the rating of the B-25 MOD at 132/156. With a -6 sec for an oversize spinnaker this would result in an ASP of 126/156.

The following Initial assignments were set by unanimous vote:

Sabre 42 (RYC) 90/108 (incl. -6 PTF)

Sabre 38 (OOYC) 111/129 (incl. -6 PTF)

Evelyn 26 (OOYC) 171/189 (incl. -6 PTF)

Pearson 21 (SYC) 195/213 (incl. -6 PTF)

Alert boats in the Rochester District were discussed and all were recommended as no change except the C&C 30 which was recommended to be changed +3

Elimination of the ODR rating was discussed and the district agrees with the elimination but would like to see the data from the ODR lists maintained to assist handicappers.

OYC believes that one design boats that race with their own start in a PHRF fleet are not being properly analyzed. Agreed that this would be brought up at the next Central Council meeting.

Larry Sill

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