SSYRA January 2010

South Shore Yacht Racing Association

Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2010

In Attendance:
Andrews Hooker (SSYRA Chief Handicapper)
Vicki Murray (WYRA Assist. Handicapper, SSYRA Secretary)
Brian Murray (WYRA Handicapper)
Tom Staples ( OYC Handicapper)
John Thompson (NOLSC Handicapper)

Call to Order: Andrews Hooker 7:19 PM

Announcement: Andrews Hooker; Central Council Meeting February 27, 2010, 11:00AM Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
John Thompson agreed to attend in Chief Handicapper's place


C&C 41 -- No Action
Melges 24 (ODR) Standard 18 seconds between FS and NFS suggests a rating hit required
--Request next CC review
Beneteau 10R--No Change Requested
Catalina 320--(Silent Night) No Change--Review again 2011
Classic 36 (Euphoria) No Change--Review again 2011
Spitfire--No Change
Alberg 30--Dolce Vita--4 Alerts--Request Review by CC

Beneteau 1st 305--Patriot--As per Brian Murray--Improperly Rated for FS--Current Rating FS 156 NFS 174--NFS Not disputed
FS--Data and information from Brian and available online at several PHRF organizations suggest FS168 is proper rating.
Brian reported speaking to Diana about this boat. Diana noted that she would speak to other boat's (RobRoy-racing only NFS) Handicapper upon receipt of these meeting minutes. Note: Robroy does not appear to be racing 2010

Motion: Brian Murray--Change to FS 168 :
Second: Andrews Hooker
A vote ensued--Motion Carried Unanimously

Question for Diana:

Catalina 30 TMBS--Advantage--Request Review of History--FS Hit 2007, 2008 Currently 165 but No change to NFS 192; Why?
Andrews Hooker-- Request -6 sec NFS; Request -3 FS
Second--John Thompson
A vote ensued: Motion Carried

Discussion: John Thompson--Want complete Review of Morrisey Boats Weights and Measurements.

Want any refusal to be weighed or measured to be classed as Modified

Want suggestions from PHRF Admin on how to handle "Cheaters" if caught

Recommendation: Anyone failing to comply with weight and measurements be suspended from PHRF-LO and/or Handicapper ability to refuse PHRF-LO Certificate

Appeal: Per Brian Schmidt

The owner of Seaspray-- a Morgan 36T wants an appeal of his rating.

Owner filled application only half way.

No data available for FS

NFS 2007 +21 seconds over rating

NFS 2008 No Data

NFS 2009 No Data

Motion: Andrews Hooker--Deny Appeal; Incomplete Application; Incomplete Data

Second: Brian Murray

A Vote ensued:Motion Carried

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Calendar


Next Meeting

11.17.2018 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Executive Meeting
11.17.2018 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Central Council Meeting - Fall