EYC May 2014 Conf Call

Eastern District Spring Conference Call

May 5, 2014

Participants: Bill Visser (DC; COBA); Kristine Davis (BQYC); Brian Thomson (BQYC); Kirk Robertson (BRIT); Canaan Leonard (HHYC); Jan Huus (NSC); Hugh Morrin (NSC).

Meeting called to order at 8:04 PM .

Moved by Kristine Davis seconded by Hugh Morrin that the minutes of the meeting of November 2 2013 be approved. Carried.

1 – Unintended increase in class' average ASP, for one-design classes using small headsails (e.g. code 's'):
Hugh noted that certain classes (the J 22, for example) seem to have benefited from the change to the headsail adjustments introduced in 2012. In those classes where all, or most, of the fleet race with headsails significantly smaller than the PHRF "standard" of 150%, the class as a whole saw a jump in their average ASP, even though the SP for the class did not change. It seems likely that this change to the class' average ASP was an unintended consequence of the headsail adjustments introduced in 2012. Looking at the J 22, as an example, the SP for the class has not changed for either the FS or NFS handicaps since 2010. However, in 2012, the average FS ASP increased by 5 sec/mile, and the average NFS ASP increased by 10 sec/mile. This can be directly attributed to the fact that the adjustment for a code 's' headsail went from +6 to +11, an increase of 5 sec/mile, for the FS handicap. Of course, the NFS adjustment is twice as much. Refer to the attached spreadsheet. The FS/NFS spreads were also revised in 2012, but it is not known whether the impact of these two changes were considered together.

Action: Central Council is requested to have TAC at classes that have a rated Code ‘s’ headsail to determine if the Delta changes are consistent with the intent of the project, now that there is some history, and to recommend corrective measures if needed.

2 – Martin 243

Brian updated the participants with the recent discussions regarding the Martin 243, specifically with some of the issues Central Council is grappling with with respect to the wings, combined with one of the main goals of PHRF-LO which is to encourage racing. Observations from the call participants included:

  • More Sport Boats are coming, we need to plan for them
  • Designs are changing from what we have traditionally know in PHRF
  • We need to expand our knowledge base / gain experience with the new designs
  • Individual clubs will need to deal with this, and we need to be able to provide the guidance.

3 – CS22 – Rudder question

Jan brought forward a question regarding a CS 22 rudder. It seems that the replacement rudder has slightly different dimensions – although it retains the same wetted surface area, the weight has been reduced by from 40 to 31 lbs.

Action: As it was determined that this change was not significant enough to warrant creation of a MOD, Jan is to request a note (if possible) be made on the subject certificate that although the rudder is slightly different from other CS 22’s PHRF-LO does not feel the difference is significant enough to warrant an adjustment.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 8 at KYC. If anyone needs to rate a boat we can handle it through the PHRF-LO Forum Process.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

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