EYC June 2013

Eastern Yachting Council District

Minutes of Teleconference Meeting - June 10, 2013

Attendees: BQYC: Krystine Davis, Brian Thomson; COBA / DC: Bill Visser; CYC: Dan Machold; HHYC: Canaan Leonard; KYC: Robert Colwell; NSC: Steve Mombourquette, Hugh Morrin.

Initial Assessments:

1)   BRIT: 1947 Wooden Viking. Submitted by Kirk Robertson. Moved by Robert Colwell, seconded by Brian Thomson that the Initial Assessment be approved as presented. Submitted that boat have ratings FS-SP 300, NFS-SP 312. No PTF applied as this                                                      is a very old, one-of design that sails only in river distance races on the Ottawa River. Carrie.

2)   NSC: Hunter 270. Submitted by Steve Mombourquette. Moved by Canaan Leonard, seconded by Krystine Davis that the Initial Assessment be approved as presented. Submitted that boat have (after PTF) ratings FS-SP 225 and NFS-SP 246. Carried.

3)   COBA: Dehler 36 BS AS MOD. This boat was incorrectly identified initially. It is a Dehler 36SQ. The boat is as supplied by manufacturer. To be discussed with PHRF-LO Admin on best way to correct boat identification. Withdrawn from discussion.

4)   CYC: J28 SD. Moved by Steve Mombourquette, seconded by Brian Thomson that the Initial Assessment be approved as presented. Since there is a history of the J 28, and the change to this handicap is an adjustment for the SD Keel, not PTF will be applied.                            Submitted that the boat have ratings FS-SP 177 and NFS-SP 198. Carried.


1)   BQYC: Beneteau 1st 310 SD. It was felt that the boat is not performing to the assigned rating. This is based on observed performance. The boat is observed to be racing even with the Aloha 30. It is not performing as well as boats that are rated slower.                                                       This is consistent regardless of skills / experience of crew. Moved by Brian Thomson seconded by Canaan Leonard that the rating be adjusted +6 for both FS and NFS. The new ratings are: FS-SP 153 and NFS-SP 174.

Other Business:

1)   Grandfathering of Spinnakers. Hugh Morrin pointed out that with the change in measurement requirement of spinnakers; there is a potential for a heavy workload on club handicappers. Discussion ensued on the reasoning behind changes and what can be                                                    done to ease the workload while making the transition equitable. Bill Visser (as DC) to take the question to Central Council and PHRF-LO Admin to find ways to achieve this, and share information with the District by or before the Fall EYC District Meeting.

2)   C&C 33-2. A question was raised regarding the perceived inequity of the C&C33-2 when compared to the J 30. After discussion, it was established that with the change of the J 30 for the season, the perceived inequity no longer exists and will not be discussed further.

Next Meeting:

1)   Fall EYC District Meeting: (Pending confirmation) November 2 2013 at the Kingston Yacht Club, Kingston, Ontario. Meeting commences at 10 AM.

2)   Spring EYC District Teleconference Meeting: Monday May 5, 2014 at 8 PM.

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