EYC Fall Meeting 2016

EYC District

Fall Meeting

Kingston Yacht Club

Saturday November 5, 2016




Bill Visser – District Chief; COBA

Rob Colwell – KYC

Peter Simmons – BQYC

Tom Tomlinson – HHYC

Canaan Leonard – HHYC

Gord Cooke – BrYC

Ian Jack – BrYC


Start: 10:15 hrs.

Approval of Agenda - by Consensus

Approval of Previous Minutes – by Consesus

District Chief Election: No challenges for position.  Bill Visser to continue for next year.

New Boats:  None

Appeals:  None

Other Business

Rob Colwell (KYC) – What is the appropriateness of the PHRF-LO ratings for Sport Boats (i.e. VX-One, Viper 640)

-Moved by Rob Colwell, seconded by Peter Simmons that:

Sport Boats (i.e. VX-One; VIPER 640; Antrim 7) to be part of a Mandatory Review to address perceived inequities. CARRIED


 Rob Colwell (KYC) In Mast Furling – Is the credit appropriate?

 No-one attending was in a position to report on similar observations. Hopefully Central Council will consider looking at this in the future.


OLSON 30 ODR – A request for an ODR rating for the Olson 30 class will be put forward to Central Council.

Conference Calls via SKYPE – Generally, no-one has an issue with SKYPE, however there is a limit to number of participants (10). Also, Canaan Leonard reported that in his experience when there are more than three participants the quality tends to degrade. Video service is also unstable. This will be monitored, and if it doesn’t work we will revert to existing Conference Call services.

No other business, meeting adjourned at 11:30 hrs.

Meeting Calendar


Next Meeting

11.17.2018 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Executive Meeting
11.17.2018 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Central Council Meeting - Fall