GHPHRF February 2016

Golden Horseshoe District PHRF Meeting

February 17, 2016


Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

In Attendance: Susan Sproule (GH District), Garry Cooke (FPYC), Mike Vandervaart (NYCS), Jan Varkevisser (BSBC), David Platt (BHYC), Morgan Seele (RHYC)

1. Alert Reviews

The alert list from the 2015 race analysis was reviewed with respect to local boats. No changes are recommended.

2. Other Reviews


The rating for the ODAY MARINER CB class (FS SP 303) was discussed. 2015 was the first year that race analysis has been available for this boat since it was purchased by the current owner. In the BHYC club series (18 races) the boat was                                                                      sailed to a minus 63. Comparison to US PHRF ratings indicates that the given rating is high. Research found that the hull of the ODAY MARINER CB is the same as the RHODES 19. PHRF-LO has a rating of 276 for the RHODES 19.  According to                                         , the ODAY MARINER CB has 17 sq. ft. more sail area than the RHODES 19. A rating change from 303 to 267 was recommended and approved.


This boat was given an initial assignment last year. Race Analysis from its first year has it sailing at minus 40 in club series (11 races), but the standard deviation is very high. At the OC Regatta (3 races) it sailed to a minus 53. The PTF should remain,                                               and it is recommended that results be reviewed again next year.


There were no representatives from Oakville at the meeting. The Chief Handicapper has asked for a review of the CRUSADER class. The certificate was not renewed in 2015 and we believe that the boat remained in storage.

3. 2016 Handicapping Changes

Concern was expressed that the introduction of mainsail measurements should not affect performance ratings for fleets that have traditionally had large-roach mains. If an entire fleet seems to be affected by the new adjustments, we should be                                                       reverse engineering the SP so that the ASPs do not change.

There are still some issues to be addressed at Central Council on Feb 27.

  • Need for 7/8th mainsail measurement?
  • Retention of the 6 sec. adjustment for centre-line tacked asymmetrical spinnakers?

There is concern with the timing of such changes. Owners would like to know of any changes that may affect their 2016 ratings with sufficient time to order new sails, or plan other changes to their sail inventories.







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