GHPRF March 2014

Golden Horseshoe District Meeting

Minutes 18 March 2014

BS&BC Jan Varkevisser;
BHYC Dan Martis, Sue Sproule;
NYCSC Mike Vander Vaart;
OC Alex McMillin;
OYS Rupert Crighton;
RHYC GlennFreeman

Absent: Sue McIntyre OC; Morgan Seele RHYC; Garry Cooke FPYC

BS& BC sail measuring date is set for 30 March 10 am -12 noon
(can open gate so people can drive to the clubhouse) notice to be sent to all clubs certificate holders who need to RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OYS will have sail measuring 13 April 10 am - 12 noon.
Application forms will need to be available at these 2 events so that certificate holders can complete them and sign them for the club handicapper to submit to the PHRF office. It is suggested that this be handled ASAP as the PHRF-LO office will be swamped with all of the new data this season. Alison to find out from Diana the best way for the data to be sent to the PHRF-LO office.

Club handicapper needs to assist at either BS&BC or OYS if they have members attending.

Club handicappers asked if they could get the spreadsheet that contained their club data comparing 2013 to 2014. Alison to check if this can be released now or needs to wait until after next CC meeting.

Each certificate holder in the district needs to be informed of the changes in 2014 (powerpoint  presentation provided by AJ) and particularly cautioned that the spinnaker that was largest in 2013 may not be their largest in 2014 with the change from girth to sail area.

GH boats that had their SP revised as a result of the 2013 race analysis communicated.

Beneteau 1st Figaro Solo (Stigaro) SP 2014 = SP 2013 +3

Hinterhoeller 25 (Free Spirit, Chimo, Chimo II) SP 2014 = SP 2013 -3

Hobie 33 ( Rogues) SP 2014 = SP 2013 (new dimensions implemented) which results in a +6 to ASP for Rogues

Mirage 24 (Alexian) SP 2014 = SP 2013 -6

Ranger 22 (Minx, Blown Away) SP 2014 = SP 2013 -6

Shark 24 (Debu, Feeding Frenzy, Stingray, Swallow) SP 2014 = SP 2013 -3

Tripp 26 (Zoom) SP 2014 = SP 2013 +3

Grampian 22 Classic (Shenanigans) Viking 22 (Catch 22) SP 2014 = SP 2013 -6

Catch 22 has been sold and left BHYC

Viking 28 (Robin, Windsmith, Crown Royal, Badger) SP 2014 = SP 2013 -3

Incompletes that need attention:
Allsorts! Dragonfly! (need more info to handicap or leave it as just BHYC handicap) << decision to leave as a club administered handicap.
This may need to be revisited if another multihull looks for a rating in PHRF-LO

Pandora II - CS 33 - (need asym foot)
Howarth Hammer - J24- (need application) <<Moomba maybe?? Jan to chase them down
Chewan - Alberg 30 - (need application)
Shaula - C&C 30 SD - (need application) << moved over from BHYC

Sassafras - Swan 47 - (need asym foot)
Silver Wraith - Viking 33-  (need application)
C-Scape - C&C 27-2 - (need application)

Sanguinity - Kirby 36 CUS - (need CUS details)
Five J’s - J 22 - (need application)
Right Stuff - S2 9.1 - (need application)

PHRF certificate in 2014 is $5 more.! All clubs were reminded that 2014 certificates could not be issued until dues were paid.

None of the GH clubs are expecting any new boats ie no initial assignments expected in 2014

2013 1st level appeal in the GH district was handled satisfactorily at the club level (BHYC) with the assistance of Central Council. Another threatened appeal in the district did not occur due to the demise of the appellant.

Alison has resigned from the OYS and is now a member at PCYC therefore can no longer represent GH district on Central Council. Susan Sproule (Counter Intelligence - BHYC main handicapper) was proposed by Alex McMillin, seconded by Jan Varkevisser, unanimously voted in as Golden Horseshoe District Chief.

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