GHPRF May 2012

GH District Meeting Minutes
9 May 2012 7 pm BHYC

Attending: Garry Cooke (FPYC) Alison Jones (OYS) Morgan Seele (RHYC) Brian Veale (OC)


Modifications to an existing PHRF-LO class were reviewed as follows:-

1D35 MOD:- addition of running backstays and removal of conventional backstay to accommodate fat head main with 3.3 foot headboard is dealt with in adjustments to SP, moved spinnaker block to 15/16 and the addition of a fixed bow sprit. I=42.5 ISP=48.06 J=12.42 JSP=17.31.

These changes only affect the FS SP. Use of the rig comparisons spread sheet provided an adjustment of -9 from standard rig for these ISP and JSP changes. The change in spinnaker sail area was from 783.6 sf which is 180% on the standard rig to 1260 sf which is 180% on the rig with the new JSP and ISP. This is equivalent to a 290% spinnaker on a standard rig for which the standard adjustment is -24. As this is a change to an asymmetrical which would see a +6 in performance compared to a symmetrical. Therefore the recommendation is for an adjustment of -18 to the 1D35 FS rating bringing it to 27, based upon the existing spinnaker adjustment tables. NB No information provided on the change to the Gamechanger IRC certificate to verify accuracy of change. Unanimous.

FS SP=27 NFS SP=60

Alison to follow up with PHRF-LO to understand why the rig comparison spreadsheet is showing -9 when the spinnaker size comparison shows -24. Perhaps the work that Adam Farkas is doing on spinnakers will address this.

BENETEAU 1ST FIGARO SOLO WB:- Installation of standard water ballast tanks that had been removed. These boats come standard with moveable water ballast. IRC permits moveable water ballast and canting keels. PHRF-LO needs to change regulations similar to IRC otherwise PHRF-LO boats with moveable ballast need to get SI's modified in every race that they participate. It is unknown if Stigaro will compete with or without water ballast, he has been advised that a boat can only have a single certificate. Based upon rating changes in other PHRF districts for moveable water ballast it was unanimously agreed to a decrease of -6 on both SP's

FS SP=99 NFS SP=120

Note on Water Ballast

Alison to propose to Central Council a revision to 10.1 which was intended for boats with hull water ballast like Macgregors.

10.1 Moveable Ballast (Water Ballast and Canting Keels) For boats rated with movable ballast, RRS 51 Moveable Ballast is waived with respect to their declared and measured ballast. RRS 52 is also waived but only with respect to the shifting of ballast. All movable ballast systems shall be capable of manual operation if powered systems are inoperable.

BENETEAU OCEANIS 311 RFM: The Beneteau Oceanis 311 was originally rated based upon a conventional rig, this boat has a roller furling mast an 87% main with no battens. Standard adjustment for a 109% and larger mainsail is -9 therefore the same amount should be creditted. Unanimously agreed an increase of +9 on both SP's FS SP=168 NFS SP=189.

C&C 27-2 MOD: This boat has replaced the standard scimitar rudder with a 27-3 high aspect foil rudder. There has been no change to the location or angle of the rudder post. Correction of 6 to both SP's unanimously approved.

FS SP=195 NFS SP=216

TANZER 25 OB AS: This boat has replaced symmetrical with asymmetrical spinnaker with no bow sprit. Correction to FS SP of +6 no change to NFS unanimously approved.

FS SP=180 NFS SP=192

The following Initial Assignments were made:-

HARBOR 20: This boat is a daysailer sailed and raced extensively on US east coast Newport/Chesapeake area and the California area predominantly one design. Standard spinnaker is an asymmetrical however Harbor 20 class rules do not permit, only used in California area. Close evaluation of US PHRF and comparables resulted in

FS SP=202 NFS SP=214 with PTF of -6 resulting in

FS SP=196 NFS SP=208 Unanimously approved

ODAY 240: Most comparable boats determined to be the SanJuan 24 and Tanzer 26, based upon US PHRF average and delta of Tanzer 26 BB in same regions as ODAY 240.

FS SP=225 NFS SP=246 with PTF of -6 resulting in

FS SP=219 NFS SP=240 Unanimously approved

Discussion about feedback from racers on 2012 SP changes and changes to adjustments, formal presentation at OYS was well received; this presentation can be made available to any GH club and Alison can be available to help explain with the club handicapper at any club meeting with enough notice.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm

Alison Jones

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