GHPRF November 2011

Golden Horseshoe Meeting
7:30 pm Tuesday November 1st 2011 - BHYC

Brian Veale - OC
Dan Martis, [Glenn Freeman (called in)] - BHYC
Garry Cooke - FPYC
Mike Vandervaart - HBCN
Mike Dale, Alison Jones - OYS

District Chief
Brian Veale tendered his resignation as GH district chief.  Accepted
Brian Veale nominated Alison Jones to succeed as GH district chief. Accepted

Jib & Mainsail definitions
Glenn Freeman requested that CC revise Jib & Mainsail definitions in handicappers manual. Glenn is requested to submit copies of current & previous definitions and clarify the issue for presentation.
New Class Handicap:

Hunter 306 with in-mast furling main, no battens. 174 - 6 PTF / 192 - 6 PTF = 168/186 SP Accepted
(Alison to forward signed paperwork to PHRF-LO office)
It was noted that there is a Hunter 31-2 SD with RFM (roller furling main?) Nepean unknown if it has battens with same rating as Hunter 31 SD (GYC)????

Water ballast. Current RRS prohibits, therefore a revision to SI's is necessary for a boat rated for water ballast to race. FPYC Beneteau Figaro Solo intends to race only short handed long distance races.
Comparison to crew weight vs water ballast vs canting keel. There is a belief that there will be more of these types of boats (canting keel, moveable water ballast) Suggested correction for use of moveable water ballast was (-6)
To be discussed at 19 Nov CC meeting.
No reported handicapping issues at any GH yacht club. Request that all GH clubs submit elapsed race data from club racing as well as any other events hosted by each club (eg regattas)
CC agenda items reviewed, BHYC rep to contact Frers owner to seek input for agenda item
Alison reported discussion with Dave Harrington (2012 VC Racing RHYC) that RHYC needs to have more than a single handicapper as current handicapper is rarely available for meetings. Morgan Seele at RHYC is a likely volunteer!
Warren Page from BS&BC has resigned as he no longer has a boat.
Next Meeting for GH Race Analysis 7 pm Tuesday 21 February @ OYS

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