November 2013

Executive Meeting

Port Credit Yacht Club

Saturday Nov 19, 2013



Larry Beneway (Pres.), Mike Campbell (V. Pres.), Andrew Sensicle (Sec./Tres.), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bob Porter (Asst. Chief), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst.), Joanne Seeds (Admin Asst.).

1)  Call to order: 9:06

2) Acceptance of Minutes November 12, 2012 –M/S Andrew/Mike. CARRIED

Acceptance of Conference Call Minutes from December 10, 2012– M/S Andrew/Mike, CARRIED

3)  Executive Slate Review for 2013:

Bob Porter is resigning – Discussion over who may be asked to replace Bob.  Suggested replacements were Allison Jones or Fred Suppon.  Suggestion that a replacement be sought from the US side, Brian and Bob will contact Fred to be Assistant Chief.

Larry Beneway  will stay on for one more year as President but would like to resign at end of next year.

Mike Campbell agreed to stay on for one more year as V. Pres.

4) Training and Education  Seminars

AGM Jan 11, 2014 - Mike spoke about AGM training session. Session will consist of a review of all upcoming changes focusing on items listed the Sail & Handicapping Guidelines brochure. Adam mentioned standard agenda should consist of talk about Handicapping changes for coming season. Spinnaker, Jib and Main Sail will be addressed this year. Need to keep it short. Spring Training will be mentioned at the meeting and will ask for ideas for topics to be discussed.  Mike will Promote Spring Training at AGM

Spring Training (March 29): Larry wanted a volunteer club either in eastern district or south shore.  General agreement for Niagara on the Lake, to host the Spring Training, and Diana will speak with Larry Huibers (SSYRA).

Spring Training will include a Presentation with the same PPT format, with  speakers, Q&A. Andrew mentioned having the Keel Study completed in time for Spring Training. Focus should be also on Handicappers work sheet and Race submission.

5) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Andrew Sensicle

a) 2013 Financial Review- Andrew reviewed the Financial Statement expenses and income for the 2013 year as at October 31, 2013.

Special Projects costs have been rising over the last 10 years and these need to be monitored more closely. Diana will provide estimates for the current year projects, and going forward requests for Special Projects will have to be submitted to the Executive with a cost analysis.  The current deficit is $13K, and we will need to cash in GIC to cover expenses. Need to go with a balanced budget in the future.

Discussions were held about setting aside funds for “Capital Improvement Fund” to build up a fund for major updating of the current certificate program.

b) Dockside Technology supplement policy update – the idea of providing a tablet was dropped.

c) Promotion of events using handicapping system – Mike Campbell- discussions were held to include a calendar of events on the website with links to the clubs race information and about promoting PHRF-LO at the Boat Show.

d) Admin & Executive Assistant Remuneration
Executive Assistant to receive $1.50 increase – effective Jan 1, 2014
Admin Assistant to receive $3.00 increase – effective Jan 1, 2014

e) 2014 Budget Proposal- Andrew reviewed the current budget, member’s fees, Special Projects, promotions and a Capital Improvement Fund.


  • Membership fee be increased by $5 to $35 (or $30 with race results credit). Members to start collecting increase in 2014, which would be collected by PHRF in 2015. A motion be put forward at the next AGM
  • Special projects be reduced by $5K
  • Capital Improvement Fund be established with 5K set aside from current GIC.
  • Promotion Line be added back to Budget if required.

Andrew proposed acceptance of the budget with the discussed changes.  Bob/Adam

Additional discussion was held regarding the promotion line, they agreed to hold off until Mike has reviewed the “Promotion of events” (see Item: 5b & 6d).


6) New Business:

a)      Dispute Guidelines – Larry Beneway.  In response to the May 2012 issue between the Mega 30 Owner and PHRF-LO.  Larry asked for input from Districts and members at the AGM.  Discussion was held on the problem between the district chief and owner and who does what.  Brian will handle any issues related to Handicapping and copies of appeals will be copied to Diana.

b)      Training Video – Mike Campbell to update from last meeting.  No new info.  Diana will add a section to the website for videos and files for access by others.  Larry suggested finding others to help with this.  Mike will ask around and pursue the issue.

c) List of PHRF events around the lake – Diana Riley

Covered under promotion of events, item 5b, and adding a calendar of events to the website.

There was further discussion on decline of regatta participation, the option of fewer regattas with more boats possibly held at various clubs, and making the events more social as in the U.S. It was also suggested to revise the rule book to a more user friendly version, short and to the point with illustrations.

Dave Steenbergen from LYRA and Kevin Brown from IRC, as well as CC as observers joined the meeting.

d)      LYRA PHRF Championship – Dave Steenbergen and Mike Campbell.

Dave Steenbergen as president of LYRA and ABYC club spoke on reaching out to PHRF to introduce a championship race.  He felt it would lead to more boats and more competition.

Why at LYRA - Regattas would move around and are scheduled to 2015.

Advantage to PHRF – one association to work with.

Next steps - PHRF championship delivered by LYRA.  LYRA is looking for agreement in principle to go ahead, with no commitment for now.  Once agreed then go ahead.  Looking to start in Jan., to plan a one weekend event for PHRF-Lo Championship.

Carried forward, Mike or Larry from PHRF to pursue.

e)      IRC – Kevin Brown - wanted to clear air about IRC being in competition with PHRF.  They do not want to be in competition.  Handicapping system by IRC is based on International Standards.  Kevin would like the support of PHRF-LO as they would like to be a place that PHRF members can graduate to and take advantage of another level of racing.

Agreed at the end that the idea is about promoting racing.

7)      Next meeting: 
Conference call – December 15th, 7 p.m.

Meeting: entatively scheduled for November 15, 014 at 9:00 a.m.

Adjournament 12:00 pm

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