November 2012

Executive Meeting
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

Saturday, November 17th, 2012


Attendees: Larry Beneway (President), Mike Campbell (Interim V. President), Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief Hand), Diana Riley (Exec. Assist)

1)      Meeting was called to order at 9:10 am

2) Motion to accept minutes from November 19th, 2011. M/S Andrew/Brian. Carried.

3) Executive Slate Review for 2013
Vice President – motion to accept Mike Campbell into position of V.Pres for acceptance at the AGM. M/S Andrew/Brian. Carried.

4) Training and Education Seminars

a) AGM (Jan 12) – Presentation of Spinnaker Sail Area Changes

b) Spring Training – discussion and suggestions
- Would include details on any changes to handicap system
- Would include notifying “Sailmakers”
- Would include a specific list of content curriculum that would be used consistently
- Would include “basics” for handicapping
- Would include “Appeal resolution and issues”
- Would include TOT vs TOD including “how to read the race analysis”
- Would require 2 sessions per year to ensure District “handicappers” are well informed. Sessions would take place by District.
2013 – ROCH & TORW – Genessee YC and Port Credit YC
2014 – EYC & SSYRA – need volunteer clubs
2015 – GHPRF & TORE – need volunteer clubs - Whitby YC

c) Training Video – New item.
Mike wondered about expanding our training by producing Videos on specific subjects that were linked directly from our web site.
As an example: We could have a video on how to measure a “Spinnaker” done at a sail loft.
The concept was well received and Mike will look into this further.

5) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Andrew Sensicle

a)      2012 Financial Review
- Reserve fund amount – Andrew Sensicle suggested that the need to hold a “reserve of 1 full years expenses” was no longer needed due to the changes in the way we collect our dues.
Motion to discontinue “reserve fund”. M/S Andrew/Mike. Carried
- It was suggested that PHRF-LO could subsidize the purchase of Blackberry Playbook for clubs in lieu of printing the Race Analysis.
Andrew to develop a “Dockside Technology supplement policy” to assist our Handicappers dockside. Amount not to exceed $3000.00

b)      Self Promotion through sponsorship – none for 2013

c)      Executive Assistant Remuneration – Additional $2.00/hour

d)      2013 Budget Proposal (attached)
Motion to accept Budget with adjustment outlined in 5a included.
M/S Andrew/Larry. Carried.


6) New Business

a)      Dispute Guidelines
In response to the May 2012 issue between the Mega 30 owner and PHRF-LO.
- Larry and Diana will work on suggestions
- Andrew will consult with Insurance company and get suggestions

b)      Handicappers Name on Certificate
Diana wondered if we should add the name of the handicapper on the certificate to show who it was issued through.
The executive felt it was not needed.

c)      Appeal resolution when District unwilling to review due to threats.
In response to recent appeal. Thoughts and suggestions included:
- This should be included in the “Training Seminar”
- The Executive will distribute some ideas on how to deal with this for CC to consider.

7)      Next Meeting: Tentatively Scheduled November 16, 2013, 9:00 am, Port Credit YC will be asked to accommodate the meeting if CC approves the relocation.

8)      Adjournment 11:10 am

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