February 2012 CC/Special Meeting

Special Meeting

Skype Conference Call

Feb 17, 2011





Andrew Sensicle (TAC), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Diana Riley (Executive Asst)


  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am via Skype Conference.
  2. Review of feasibility of instituting the VP NFS Delta for 2012 :
    Discussion centered around the difficulty that the Toronto East District had when reviewing the changes that were necessary and how they found some issues around Bowsprit boats. Also, that many of the standard dimensions and handicaps for versions in our SP list may be incorrect.

    Results of discussion where as follows:
    1. Diana Riley found that the discrepancies in the standard dimensions, in most cases, did not affect the VP NFS Delta. It appears that “due to rounding to 3 sec/nm” that it takes quite a difference to impact the delta.
    2. Andrew Sensicle (and the TORE group) found that we need to ensure that classes that have versions that only affect the Flying Sails of that class need to have the same Non Flying Sails SP. There are several classes where the opposite currently exists and will need to be corrected.
    3. Time will be of the essence so Diana was asked that she review the classes and come up with recommendations and send a copy out to all CC members by the end of the day. If she finds any anomalies that she thinks will need supporting documentation she can have that ready for the review meeting.
    4. The meeting will need to be extremely organized, so we will have 2 screens. One to display the spreadsheet for everyone to use and one for supporting documentation. Plus we will assign “tasks” to attendees to keep information flowing.

Given the discussions, it was decided that we would go ahead with the change for 2012 and trust that Central Council will be able to get through this effectively.

3.  Adjournment 10:00 am




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