Rule 10.5 Extreme Yachts

Meeting minutes and notices will include the following statement:
As of 2015, the rule for Extreme yachts has been modified as per the following:
In light of a recent issue, Central Council (in conjunction with a sub committee) have discussed this at length and acknowledges that they do not know how to rate these vessels fairly.
Clubs, in order to encourage racing, have the option to allow these boat to race, as per, Part I, Section 8.1.3 of the Handicappers Manual.

Therefore, the following revision has been made and examples of these types of vessels will published.

Proposed revision to rule 10.5:

10.5 EXTREME YACHTS – PHRF-LO will only rate monohull keel boats, as defined by ERS C.6.2.a, without devices or facilities to move the majority of a crew member’s body outside of the sheerline, as defined by ERS D.1.2., of the hull.

This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

i. Racks

ii. Wings

iii. Trampolines

iv. Trapezes (ERS F.1.7.c, i)

FYI original wording:

10.5. EXTREME YACHTS - In order to receive a handicap to race in PHRF-LO, a yacht may not have 'racks' in place racing (movable structures available to facilitate moving the crew outside the hull to aid righting movement). As well trapezes and their wires are not to be onboard during racing

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