My Club is not a PHRF-LO member club.

You can apply for a one year certificate through the event organizer or by contacting the PHRF-LO administration office.

The cost of a NON-member certificate (as of 2017) is $35.97 Cdn (plus HST $4.68) = $40.65.

If you have never had a certificate with PHRF-LO or you have updates to an existing certificate, please follow the directions below:

If you need to renew an expired certificate, with no changes, please go to Step 4.

1. Complete one of our application forms available from our web site (Top Menu).

2. Confirm the Class of Boat you have using our Class Search from our web site (Main Menu).

If you DO NOT see your "Class" of boat in our list then your boat may require an Initial Assignment which can take time to process. Please inquire immediately so that we can address this.

3. Confirm your Prop and Keel configuration by reviewing our on-line information (Main Menu).

4. Send your completed form to one of our Member Club Handicappers or to this office with a copy of a Sailmakers certificate for each of your largest sails (Main, Jib and Spinnaker if being used).

5. Indicate your payment choice:

  • By Credit Card (via Paypal), which requires this office to issue you an invoice that you can pay on-line.
  • By Cheque via Post to:

P.O. Box 99024, Stoney Creek PO
Stoney Creek, Ont, L8J 2P7

Contact us if you require additional help.

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