We have several videos available of our “Spring Training Seminars”

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(A brief synopsis of the future direction of PHRF-LO)

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What is the "Traditional PHRF Racer/Cruiser?

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A quick overview of what PHRF is.

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Used for applying for a PHRF-LO Certificate

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Used for appealing your class handicap.

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Used for supplying sail dimensions to PHRF-LO

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Complete Handicappers Manual for 2017

Includes links for:

Handicappers Manual

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Section 4Part I - Procedures:

Definitions and Philosophy
Member Dues
Application for Handicap, Certificates and Non Member Certificates
Boat Handicaps (ASP) and Standard Class Handicaps (SP)
Race Results

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Part II - Handicapping Guidance:

Revised: May 2017

Terms for Measuring Sails
Calculations, Adjustments and tables for sails, rig and propulsion

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Bylaws - Bylaws of the Organization:

Members, Officers, Central Council and Districts
Appeal procedures 



Modified January 21, 2017

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 Other sections including:

Policy Statements
ODR List

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Terms and Guidelines for Measuring Sails

As defined and described in the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS)

2017 - 2020

Class Review Worksheets

For all classes of boat marked for review

by Central Council as part of the

Race Analysis Alert Review

Updated February 2017

A complete list of all classes presently up for review by Central Council can be obtained via our Class Query (filtered to Status = A).

If you have any comments or concerns regarding any of these classes, your input is appreciated.

Please use our Forum to post your comments and ensure that your subject includes the "Class Name" you are commenting about.

We thank you for your time and comments.


PHRF-LO Central Council