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Central Council VP NFS Delta review process

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I just wanted to let you know what progress has been made so far by your Central Council members with regards to the NFS Delta review process.

The Database!!
We currently have 1410 Boat Classes in our database all with a Flying Sails and Non Flying Sails handicaps that have varying deltas. With the adoption of the VP NFS handicap delta "all but" 78 classes were identified as having a delta that does not match the recommended VP NFS Delta and that further scrutiny was going to be needed.

It was quickly agreed that in many cases we could apply the recommended change in the delta to the Non Flying Sails handicap by filtering out based on the following:

1. If a class has no certificates and no races, the NFS change would be approved automatically.
2. If a class has no races and the current delta is 18, the NFS change would be approved automatically.
3. If the change is less than 12 (+ or -) and the race analysis indicates that the change is in the correct direction, the NFS change would be approved automatically.  ie: calculated difference in NFS race analysis shows +6, NFS Delta change +6, the NFS change would be approved automatically.

This filtering reduced the list of classes requiring review to 158, which Central Council would have to assess before applying any changes to handicaps.

A spreadsheet identifying 207 classes requiring a review due to either an Alert, a new class or that were not filtered out by the above, was sent out to all Central Council members. A couple of Districts attempted to review these and quickly found that this task was a huge undertaking. One District commented that the review was "brutal" and another District decided to focus strickly on Alerts and still spent many hours on it.

The Meeting !!
Central Council members met on Saturday Feb 25th at 10 am where the meeting got quickly underway with a brief description of how we were going to proceed. There were 2 screens and 2 projectors set up, one with the above spreadsheet (pre-reviewed by the administration office) and one for supporting documentation.

By 11:00 am they had managed to complete the review on all classes beginning with the letter "A", a total of 10 classes.

It became very apparent that without further filtering, this review would consume more time than what would be reasonable, so a motion was made:
Motion A: All classes with a change value of +/- 3 would automatically be applied to the NFS handicap.

By 11:30 am they had partially made it through classes beginning with the letter "B", when further discussion ensued.

It was decided that from this point forward they would focus only on the classes that were under Alert and that even further filtering would be required, so a second motion was made:
Motion B: All classes with a change value of +/- 6 would automatically be split between the FS and NFS handicap equally.

With only a quick break for lunch, the review continued until 6:00 pm at which time another discussion ensued.
At this point they had managed to review classes under Alert up to the letter "O". This still left 107 classes to review (less the filtered classes based on Motion A & B above).

It was agreed that a 2nd and possibly 3rd meeting will be required to address the remaining classes and other agenda items before the Spring Training Seminar on March 31st and to ensure that this is completed in time for the administration office to apply the changes and re-issue certificates for the coming race season.

The Next step!!
Central Council will be sent a revised spreadsheet with the final classes "still" requiring review (after the admin office applies the new filters) so that they will have an oportunity to review the classes. A second meeting will be arranged.

Once the full review is completed, a variation of the spreadsheet will be placed on the web site showing the changes with "comments" on the reasoning for the change.

I am posting this so that everyone is aware of the time and dedication that your Executive, Central Council and Handicappers have/will put into this process to improve the fairness of the Non Flying Sails racing on Lake Ontario.

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

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