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February 2017

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Central Council Meeting

Port Credit Yacht Club

Saturday, February 25th, 2017



In Attendance:  Brian Thomson;  Jamie Dike, Owen Schneider; Fran Doyle; John Crawley; Bill Visser;  Larry Hibers; Brian Chapman; Adam Farkas; Sue Sproule ; Diana Riley; Sheena Tait

1)      Meeting Called to Order at 10:07am

2)      Motion to Approve Minutes from Nov 19th, 2016.  M/Bill, S/Jamie – Carried

3)      Class Reviews

a)      Alert Reviews-

  • Able Poitin 24 – Motion by Owen to change to -12

2nd Larry.   Carried

  • Alberg 30 – Motion by Fran to discuss this review later in meeting as the boat comes up again.   2nd John.   Carried
  • C & C 115 CF – Motion by Owen  for FS +3

2nd Adam, Carried.. With 1 opposed

  • Esse 850-  Motioned for a – 6 by Owen, no one 2nd

Then, a Motion for nothing lower than a -3,by Fran,  Jamie 2nd

Then, a Motion for No Change for next 5 yrs,by John,  2nd – Owen, Carried

  • Gibsea 9.2 – Larry motioned for a +3 change, 2nd Jamie,  Carried
  • Hinterholler 25 - Motion for a -3 from Sue, no one 2nd

Motion for -6 by Larry ;  2nd Owen, Carried

  • J-133 – Motion for -6 from John; 2nd Adam – Carried
  • J 27 – Motion for a -6 by Sue; 2nd John.   3 Votes For – 4 Votes Against ,

NOT Carried

A 2nd Motion by Larry for a -3 , John 2nd – Carried

  • Kelt 7.6 – Motion to move to Delta Review discussion – Carried
  • Melges 32 CF - Motion by Adam for a -3 based on IRC, 2nd Sue.  – Carried
  • Shark 24 – Motion for a -3 by Adam, 2nd Fran.  – Carried

B) Sport Boats – not reviewed.

C) Archambault 35 CF

Tabled until next meeting in March.   John Crawley & Adam Farkas will gather, compare and compile information.   To determine how to deal with this particular boat with a factory ordered Bowsprit.

D) Alberg 30 – Motion by Larry for a -3 ; 2nd Fran – Carried

E) New Class Review

– to give back or not give back the protect the fleet (-6) to the following:

  • Hunter 306 RFM SD – No change - Carried
  • Tartan 101 – John Motion PTF of 0, given back , 2nd Sue - Carried
  • Freedom 33-2 - Ignoring this boat for now, not enough data results
  • NY 40 – Owen proposed No Change, 2nd Larry. Carried
  • Humbolt Bay 30 – Larry proposed +6, Owen 2nd , Carried
  • Gomen Exp 30 – 1 MOD 2 – Approved Current Rating
  • Viper 830 CF -  PTF set at 0, Alert to Review again Next Year
  • Soverel 30-4 – PTF set at 0
  • K6 SK – No change

-          Flying Tiger 7.5

Sue Sproule request for the change to a 108 ASP with -6 PTF = 102.

Noting, Golden Horseshoe will be responsible to calculate the SP

-          Capri 23.5

Sue Sproule put forward a request for a review of new rating by TORE.

Motion by Larry, to apply a 117 ASP with a 6 sec PTF, resulting in a 111.

Thereby “reverse engineering” will need to be done to achieve the SP rating.

NOTING: This calculation is to be done by TORE.

To be reviewed again by Central Council in 1 year, with race data collected.

-          Beneteau First 10R New Rudder

John Crawley requesting for a way to identify the ‘New Rudder’ being used by some in this class.    Council is aware, but no decision on how to ‘identify’.    Will continue to treat class the same and observe any changes that may be seen from those using the New Rudder.   Central Council will revisit this issue in 2 yrs.

4) Handicapping Items:

a) SPINNAKER – Current 15% (CL Fixed) & +6 Centerline credit will remain as it is with No Changes.

b) MAINSAIL – Diana will send the new main formula, for measurement requirements to Sailmakers for 2018.

c) JIB – HHW measurement, Diana will be suppling Adam with the 2016 Jib data and the previous year’s data for comparison.

d) Multiple Certificates or additional Column – not discussed at this time

e)      Sport Boats- Jamie will change wording in the definition of what makes a Sport Boat, a sport boat more clear.   Defining the purpose for divisional splits.  As well as identifying the boats that fall within this category.

5) Handicappers Manual

Definition of what PHRF-LO rates, Jamie will create a proposal to place into Handicappers Manual for what and how PHRF-LO creates it ratings.

Information will be sent out in a Newsletter to the Handicappers to put forward to the Members, for feedback.

To be brought forward again at the March meeting.

Bill proposed a motion to accept Jamie’s proposal as a Draft, to be finalized at the March Meeting.  2nd Owen.

Approved by All

6)      a) US Sailing NRR numbers comparison to PHRF-LO – John Crawley still waiting to hear back from US Sailing

b) NFS Delta – Review left until after 6 f) is completed.

c) US Sailing PHRF – fleet assessments – Jamie & Owen still continuing work on this

d)      Alert Review Criteria - Race Analysis & Alerts – To continue to use the Race Analysis & Alerts as a preview.  But leave it up to the handicappers, so they can be the ones who chose /pick which boats they want looked at.  Handicappers will be able nominate a class to be reviewed:

  • At a District Council meeting to bring forward to Central Council for Review.
  • At the Annual General Meeting to be reviewed by Central Council
  • On-line via a new check system to ask for review

e) Kevin Brown gave his presentation on idea of creating a High Performance Rating within PHRF-LO

Copies of the proposal were distributed to Central Council for consideration.

Due to the heavy agenda for this meeting, his proposal will be discussed at the next meeting.

f)       Budget review for Projects- 30 hours for Interquartile range, using (Q1) middle of the Top boats to use as a range, rather than the current median (Q2).  Will be a very time involved project, but can be done.   Mainly seeing an issue in the NFS fleet ratings.   John motioned that Diana do the study of this.  2nd Ada

7) Shark now has a One Design Rating, information to be supplied

NEW Business:

Brian Thompson brought up the idea of adding onto the Technical Advisory Committee, with the following 2 people on board:

-          Ron Mazza

-          Kevin Piper (sailmaker)

All approved this idea

Meeting adjourned 5:15pm

Next meeting Sunday March 26, 2017 @ PEYC

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