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Race Analysis

Handicap Analysis

PHRF Handicap Analysis on Lake Ontario – A Perspective
By Steve Corona (author of present Race Analysis Program)

Historical Background

The performance handicapping movement for boat racing actually started on the West Coast over 50 years ago but was organized, as we know it about 25 years ago as a response to the performance, high cost and complexity of measurement handicap systems.  It was originally not meant for “Grand Prix” racing events but rather was designed to allow individual clubs to easily and inexpensively rate and race boats of different sizes and shapes within their own organization.  Over the years the popularity of the system has expanded (wisely or not) to some of the largest sailing events.  PHRF is expected to be a “waterfall” system; handicaps are determined at the lowest level (generally the club or small geographical area) where performance can be continuously observed and handicaps adjusted in response to that performance.  Elevation to “higher authority” was necessary only to coordinate handicaps in larger geographical areas for interclub racings. Quantification of boat performance, in the form of “on the water” observations or race data analysis, is implied in both the name and spirit of the system.


Race Analysis Master Class Summary FS & NFS

Race Analysis MASTER CLASS Summary Report

for both

Flying Sails & Non Flying Sails Racing

2012 - 2016

Section 1 of the Race Analysis Binder

New report analysis of classes grouped into related models


Class Review Worksheets

Class Review Worksheets

For all classes of boat marked for review

by Central Council as part of the

Race Analysis Alert Review

Updated February 2017


Race Analysis Summary FS & NFS

Race Analysis Summary Report

for both

Flying Sails & Non Flying Sails Racing

2012 - 2016

Section 2 of the Race Analysis Binder


Fleet Analysis Reports

New for 2016

As we all well know, boat performance is largely based on the fleet it is racing in.

In an effort to better understand each of the fleets being analyzed, we now have data (based on the boats in the fleet) on each of the fleets.

These reports are for information purposes used to assess how fleets compare to others on the lake.

The reports are split into Flying Sails (FS) and NFS (NFS) and into Lake Profiles and Fleet Profiles.












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