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Valid Lists

PHRF-LO Valid List Search

Our Valid Lists represent the current status of certificate holders on Lake Ontario and is updated daily during racing season.

Pdf copies of all certificates are available by selecting on the for viewing/printing.

Invalid Until Renewed

Some certificates may be listed, but are showing as Status = "Invalid Until Renewed".
This indicates that it has not been renewed for the current season. Please contact your Club Handicapper.

Renewal Pending

Some certificates may be listed, but are showing as Status = "Renewal Pending".
This indicates that the club Handicapper has renewed the certificate "on-line" but the PHRF-LO office has not yet updated their files.

If you suspect there is an error, please contact the PHRF-LO administration office or your club handicapper.

April 14, 2016: All revised certificate have been reprinted are now available. Please notify the admin office of any issues you may encounter.

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