Volume 9. Issue 2

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

April 2004

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Certificate Issues

Certificates were slated to be issued as of April 1st (or when club dues were paid) but will be delayed until after April 17th, when Central Council meets to review some issues that may affect handicaps. These items are included in "Central Council News".

Diana Riley
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On March 13th at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Steve Killing gave a very informative presentation to a large group of handicappers from all areas around the lake.

Steve's presentation included a slide show detailing all aspects of what influences boat speed and what to consider when rating a new class.

Along with this, he also presented his method for estimating a rating and has supplied this to us for our use. We have included this in the Kramer+SK.xls spreadsheet and it is available for downloading from the handicappers download page.

We would like to thank all those who took the time to attend this event. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear all the great compliments you had. Your requests for more of these in the future will certainly be considered.

We would also like to send our greatest thanks to Steve for a great presentation. THANK YOU.


PHRF-LO Executive

Central Council News

Central Council held a meeting on March 13th in which many boats were reviewed. The following is an outline of changes made.

Handicaps changed due to Alert List

Class Change New SP
C&C 29 NFS-SP -3 186
C&C 29-2 NFS-SP -3 177
C&C 35-3 WK FS-SP +9 129
Catalina 30 NFS-SP +3 204
Gom Exp 30 NFS-SP -3 144
Gom Exp 30-2 NFS-SP -3 144
Grampian 26 NFS-SP -3 222
J 22 FS/NFS-SP -9 162/183
J 24 ODR FS/NFS-SP -3 159/162
J 24 FS/NFS-SP -3 162/177
Kirby 25 FS-SP -3 165
Kirby 25 NFS-SP -6 177
Mirage 24 NFS-SP +3 243
Niagara 26 OB FS/NFS-SP -3 177/195
Niagara 31 NFS-SP -3 171
Nonsuch 30 NFS-SP -3 159
Northern 25 NFS-SP +6 246
Pearson 26 NFS-SP -6 222
Pearson 30 FS/NFS-SP -6 165/189
Tanzer 22 FS-SP -3 228
Tanzer 26 FS-SP +3 210
Tanzer 26 NFS-SP -3 213

  Other boats that were reviewed are as follows:

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