Volume 11. Issue 2

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

April 2006

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Well, here comes another year !

The season is off to a bang with the approval of increasing all handicaps by 6 sec/nm. (See article)

I am also going to be issuing certificates using the new program but updating the old program at the same time. So please bear with me if things are a little slower than normal.

We also hope to have a video available of the Presentation done by Al Declercq.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2006!!

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO


It has been well known for some time that the Central Council of PHRF-LO were interested in increasing all handicaps by 6 sec/nm. A committee was formed at the Annual General Meeting and the process was reviewed, tested and approved by the committee earlier this year.

On March 25th, the membership was given all the relevant information and voted to accept this change as of 2006 season.

What that means is that all PHRF-LO certificate holders will be issued a new certificate giving them an additional 6 sec/nm for both their Flying Sails (Spinnaker) and Non-Flying Sails (White Sail) handicaps.

With this change also comes a change in the Time on Time multiplier from
685.411/(ASP+ 514.411) to
This was done to ensure that all certificate holders maintain the same Time on Time value that they had in 2005.

What this means is that if your handicap was 132 in 2005, with a Time on Time multiplier of 1.0603. Your 2006 handicap will be 138 with a Time on Time multiplier of 1.0603. In other words, the only change will be in the Time on Distance number.

We suggest that all fleet splits also be increased +6 so that there is no change in the fleet make up for 2006.


Highlights from the Central Council meeting on Feb 25, 2006:

Alert boat review - list of handicap changes from this review.
C&C 110 Express BS - appeal denied
Hunter 37 Legend WK - deferred to district.

Race Analysis Summary - Summary to include all boats sailing faster than their handicap vs exclusion of data greater than -50.
Signatures on Certificates Applications will no longer be a requirement.
Boats with unresolved issues will be flagged and certificates will be withheld until necessary information has been received.

Highlights from March 25, 2006:

J 80 vs J 92 NFS handicap will be reviewed by Rochester District.
J 35 ODR - FS Rating for J 35 to be changed to 66 and J 35 ODR class to be deleted.

ODR NFS Handicaps - removal of all NFS ratings for ODR boats.


Special Meeting Minutes *

Central Council minutes from March 25,2006 *

Central Council minutes from Feb 25, 2006 *

Executive minutes Oct 29, 2005 *

Appeal Review Document *

Race Results Primer *

Appeal Form

Application form for 2006

* Available to handicappers only !

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