Volume 10. Issue 6

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

December 2005

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Merry Christmas !

Well, the rush is on. I am very busy with everything that is going on within PHRF-LO right now and over the next month or so.
Race results are pouring in as many of you are realizing that the December 15th deadline is quickly approaching.
Last minute certificate changes and additions are also something new that is happening this year.
The new program is also keeping me busy while I continue to work with the programmer to ensure all the data is handled correctly.
Then there are meetings that I help set up and  generally end up getting additional work from.

I have to say that I am worried that I am not as organized as I should be, so I need to ask that if you feel I have missed something, please let me know.

Thanks and have a great Holiday season.

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO


The date and place for the AGM has been set for: 

JANUARY 14, 2006
10:00 AM
Lakeshore Yacht Club
76 Colonel Sam Smith Parkway
Toronto, On

 are required for all attendees

I must know in advance if you plan to attend the meeting. This ensures that I have a copy of the Race Analysis Binder available for you when you arrive. This also allows the host club to better prepare for the day.

Please email, phone or fax me if you plan to attend.

Thanks, Diana Riley

PS. The binders are distributed to handicappers who have registered and attend the AGM. If available, extra copies may be distributed to others who attend.




Please review the article "Results Primer" for instruction for submitting results.

At this late stage, all results should be emailed to me directly. If you are unsure if they have been sent, check here.


Check to make sure all racers hold a valid PHRF-LO certificate.

Check owners by Yacht Club to see if I am missing anyone.


If your club has a reason why they do not submit race results each year, please let us know. We will record this information and we will have it on file for future reference.

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Mail All Correspondence to:

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