Volume 10. Issue 4

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

July 2005

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Hope Everyone is enjoying the season so far.

Things are starting to slow down in the office now, so I will be working on a few projects that were set aside during the busy start of the season.

One of the projects I would like to look at is our web site. I have some ideas for improvements and welcome any suggestions and/or assistance with this.

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

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     * "Handicappers Only"

Contacting US

Phone and Fax number:
Toll Free: 1-800-488-9885
Hamilton: 905-692-0202

Send All Mail to:
P.O. Box 61524, Fennell RPO
Hamilton, On. Can. L8T5A1


Changes for 2006

The Jib penalty max will be increased to 155%

The Spinnaker Girth LP max will be decreased to 180% with grandfathering of all current sails.


Measurement of Foot

I have just been informed that we now require the length of the "Foot" on Asymmetrical Sails due to the addition of the following in the manual:

Page 34 Definition of Asymmetrical sail

1. Mid girth, measured mid luff to mid leech, shall be greater than 75% of the foot length.

This has also created a necessary change to the Kramer + spreadsheet and the certificate application form.


I have now included a list of owners by Yacht Club.

I have made this a simple list at this time, but will try to include more details in the future.


A complete database of all PHRF-LO certificate holders is available for event organizers.

Please contact the PHRF-LO administration office for this.



  Who holds the oldest current certificate?

Congratulations to:

William G. Statt - certificate # 10
Boat:  Alberg 30 named Chutzpah
Sail #: 168
Club:  Genesee Yacht Club
Status: Still actively racing

According to our records, Mr. Statt would have been issued this certificate PRIOR TO 1985 when PHRF-LO first set up there computer database. Our files contain application forms for the same yacht from 1990 to today.

Other honorable mentions:

Steven Rycyna - certificate # 27
Boat: J 35 ODR named The Gipper
Club: Youngstown Yacht Club
Status: Still actively racing

Ole T Jensen - certificate # 39
Boat: Cal 30-2 MOD named Goose
Club: Oakville Yacht Squadron
Status: Still actively racing

Don Reidel - certificate # 60
Boat: San Juan 30 named Windspirit
Club: Bay of Quinte Yacht Club
Status: Still actively racing

Hank Lammens - certificate # 84
Boat: Abbott 33 named Qualicum
Club: Brockville Yacht Club
Status: Unknown

Keep in mind that we have just issued certificate #4717 and all the certificate number are sequentially issued as each new certificate is added.