Volume 9. Issue 3

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

May 2004

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I have started renewing certificates for the many clubs who have already paid their dues and have supplied me with an up-to-date list of renewing owners. I certainly hope this process has been easier for the handicappers because it certainly has been for me.

I am finding that processing and printing the certificates as a batch has greatly reduced the amount of labour needed to handle renewals.

If I haven't already said so....Thank You.
I may actually be able to enjoy my first spring in almost 17years.

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

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At the last Central Council Meeting it was asked and recommended that we offer a message board on our site.

This is now available by following this link:


We hope you find this usefull.


The 2004 password for the handicappers section of this site is now active. If you are a registered handicapper, you have already received your new password by email.

If you are a handicapper and need this information, please contact Diana Riley


Once revised, the PHRF-LO Handicappers manual will now be available to the General Public. This should be completed by the end of May.


The Intial Assignment Form used for submitting handicaps for new boats has been changed to reflect some new information that is now necessary. Please download the new form using the following link:

Initial Assignment Form

Central Council News

Central Council held a meeting on April 17th. The following is an outline of items addressed at that meeting.

Boat Class Reviews

Alberg 30 & Alberg 37 - Appeal and Problem.
There appears to be some incorrect prop designations in these 2 classes. Motion to change all certificates with a code 4 prop to code 5 and request that owners notify us if this is incorrect. Carried.

Mumm 30 - Handicap review request.
Motion to create Mumm 30 ODR (One Design Rating) of 39 (FS) and table for review after race results are received. Carried.

Beneteau 1st 36.7 SD - Handicap review request
Motion to increase FS handicap +3 to 75 to match the change to the standard draft handicap. Carried
Motion no change to NFS handicap. Carried

Tartan 42 SD - New handicap request.
Toronto West asked to set up meeting to rate this class.

Catalina 320 - Appeal
Motion for no change. Carried with 4 Votes. 1 Against.

Other Business

Graduated NFS Jib Adjustments - Motion to match the Downwind Jib Adjustments to the Upwind Jib Adjustments as listed in the Handicappers Manual section 7.1.2. Carried.

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