Volume 10. Issue 3

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

May 2005

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Still waiting

All changes and updates have now been made but I am still waiting on many clubs to submit a list of certificates to renew. I cannot issue revised certificates and renewals until I receive a list from you, so please send your list in as soon as possible.

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

Also Available

     * "Handicappers Only"

Contacting US

Phone and Fax number:
Toll Free: 1-800-488-9885
Hamilton: 905-692-0202

Send All Mail to:
P.O. Box 61524, Fennell RPO
Hamilton, On. Can. L8T5A1


No new news to report.

Changes for 2006

The Jib penalty max will be increased to 155%

The LP penalty max will be decreased to 180% with grandfathering of all current sails.


Revised Kramer +

There was an error in the calculations of the NFS handicaps that was just brought to my attention. I have made the corrections and have updated the file on our site.

Sorry for any problems this may have caused.

Also, you will note that this spreadsheet has been revised to allow you to submit the printed form. When printed, it can replace the Initial SP and application form.
I hope this is helpful.


I have now included a list of owners by Yacht Club.

I have made this a simple list at this time, but will try to include more details in the future.


A complete database of all PHRF-LO certificate holders is available for event organizers.

Please contact the PHRF-LO administration office for this.



   We have a small (2 x 2) banner of our PHRF-LO logo that could be used for events at your club. If you are interested in borrowing it for an upcoming event, please contact the PHRF-LO office 1-800-488-9885.



   We would like to welcome Georgian Yacht Club in Owen Sound as a member of PHRF-LO. Colin Alston (President) has accepted them as temporary members until they are formally accepted at the next AGM.



Thank you to all clubs who have already sent in your dues for the 2005 season.

There are still a few clubs that have still not sent in payment, please be aware that the 2005 Certificates or renewal stickers cannot be sent until payment is received. We need to know which payment option they have chosen so that we can proceed appropriately.

For pay in advance: Once we receive your clubs dues payment and an up-to-date list of owners who will be renewing this year, we will then send you new certificates and stickers for the 2005 season.

For Manual "Opt out" users: Once we receive your clubs dues payment we will send out Renewal notices to all owners at your club