Volume 11. Issue 3

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

May 2006

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I am using this newsletter as an informational one.

I have been getting many questions about the various changes that have taken place for 2006. So I thought this would be the best place to explain everything.


Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO


Many have questioned how and when a spinnaker gets "grandfathered".

We could have approached this many ways, but for various reasons, decided to handle this as follows:

Any Certificate with a Spinnaker (either Symmetrical or Asymmetrical) will receive a +3 sec/nm credit when the "size of the sail" falls within the 3% change bracket from last years Flying Sails adjustment table (see: Handicapper Manual Part II).

For Example: John Smith's boat has a 181.5% Symmetrical Spinnaker. In previous years, he received no penalty for this, and the code was "5". This year his Spinnaker will receive a -3 sec/nm penalty, and have a code of "6". John's spinnaker falls into that 3% change between 180.1 to 183% and therefore, a "grandfather" adjustment of +3 will be given to offset this and his overall handicap will remain the same.

If a spinnaker does not fall into that 3% change bracket, there will be no "grandfather" adjustment given.

There will be no "grandfathering" of Spinnaker Poles. If your spinnaker pole is the reason your G% falls into the 3% change bracket, you will not receive the "grandfather" adjustment.


This may be a little late but better than never.

Last year changes were included in the Handicapper's manual giving the definition of a Flying Sail. This definition included that the Mid-Girth must be greater than 75% of the foot. (Part II - Definitions)

Over the course of last year, it was decided that we would collect, process and store this information.

On the Certificate Application form new entry boxes where added to accommodate this.

You will note that for a Symmetrical Sail there is the addition of the MID-Girth (this measurement is different from the MAX-Girth) and the Foot measurement.

For an Asymmetrical Sail there is only the addition of the Foot measurement. This is due to the fact that the MID-Girth and Max Girth for an Asymmetrical are the same.


MG (Max Girth)- is defined as the symmetrical spinnaker maximum girth. With the spinnaker folded in half, this is 2 x the maximum width of the sail measured from the center/fold of the sail to the luff and leach.

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