Volume 9. Issue 4

The Newsletter of PHRF Lake Ontario

Oct/Nov 2004

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End of another season

I guess for most of you the sailing season has come to an end and now we need to start thinking about sending in your clubs race results.

We have not confirmed the date of the AGM but I will need to set a deadline date for receiving results.

I have include an item for both in this newsletter

Hope your season went well, see you at the AGM.
Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

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Contacting US

Phone and Fax number:
Toll Free: 1-800-488-9885
Hamilton: 905-692-0202

Send All Mail to:
P.O. Box 61524, Fennell RPO
Hamilton, On. Can. L8T5A1


December 31st

   In order for me to be able to process your results and get them included in this year's analysis, I must receive them no later than December 31st.

    If I encounter a problem with your results I would need to contact you and get it resolved prior to the cut off date. So please send them in as soon as possible.

    Send all race results directly to:

     P.O. Box 61524, Fennell RPO
     Hamilton, On, Can. L8T 5A1

    Or by fax: 1-800-488-9885
    Or by email


The tentative date and place for the AGM as decided at the 2004 AGM is:

January 29, 2005
10:00 AM
Youngstown Yacht Club

This is only a tentative date. The exact date will be confirmed in the next newsletter.



It has been a frustrating month for me. I experienced major computer problems that required the unexpected purchase of replacement equipment. The office was basically closed for 3 weeks while I addressed the issues. I am happy to say, I am now up and running and working on some long outstanding projects.

The new Data Management System (aka Race Analysis and PHRF boat program) is coming along nicely. I now have a version that I will be playing with and reporting back to the programmer. Our target is to have this fully functioning for this year.

I am working on many smaller projects that I also hope to have completed over the next couple of weeks.

Central Council:

The following are just some of the issues being addressed at a meeting that is now in the planning stages.

- Quicker ways to set handicaps for variations of boats already in our database
- Complete review of the Appeal Process
- Jib and LP maximums
- Handicap reviews for Mumm 30 , Freedom 25s, Beneteau 36.7 SD, Wylie 28, Beneteau 25 Platu
- Appeals for the Catalina 320, CS 22, Mantra 7000
- ODR handicaps for J 22, Sonar, Farr 395