Operated as a not for profit organization servicing the sport of sailing on Lake Ontario and surrounding waters, the organization is headed by a group of Executive and Central Council members who are responsible for the running of the organization including, financial expenses and handicaps.

The day to day administration is handled out of an office in the Hamilton area on a part-time basis.

With sister organizations throughout Canada and the United States, PHRF has held its place as one of the top yacht racing handicap systems in North America.

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In December 1979, 12 yacht clubs along the south shore of Lake Ontario gathered to discuss area wide PHRF ratings to facilitate their inter-club racing. Thus laying the foundations of PHRF Lake Ontario.

Since that time, PHRF-LO has grown to include over 60 yacht clubs, over 100 Club Handicappers and over 1500 active certificate holders.

Over the past 4 decades, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have spent many hours of their own time developing the PHRF-LO system and have helped issue yacht racing handicaps to over 6000 owners around the lake.