2014 General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Attendees: Larry Beneway (Pres), Mike Campbell (V.Pres), Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC Dist Chief), Alison Jones (GHPHRF Dist Chief), Frances Doyle (Interim RDPHRF Dist Chief), Larry Huibers (SSYRA Dist Chief), Owen Schneider (TORE Dist Chief), John Crawley (TORW Dist Chief), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), 35 Handicappers and 4 guests.

  1. Call to order: 10:05
  2. Acceptance of Minutes from January 12, 2013 AGM
    Motion to accept: M/S Owen Schneider, Jamie Dike, carried.

3.1. Reports from executive:

Larry Beneway ( President ) – Welcomed everyone and expressed desire to retire from position of President, but will be staying on for one more year. A replacement will be sought.

Mike Campbell (V.Pres) – PHRF-LO will improve communications with a new feature on the web site.  The new Regatta and Events calendar is available for all members to promote their PHRF racing.  Details of the event may be sent to Diana or Mike to get them on the calendar.

The 2014 LYRA Regatta will include the 2014 “PHRF Championship”.  The LYRA organization and PHRF-LO are working together to promote and run this event.

The Handicapper’s Workshop is scheduled for March 29, 2014 and it will be hosted by Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club.  Suggestions for subjects to be covered at the workshop were requested from the handicappers.

Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres) – solvent this year, funds took a hit due to amount of project work, by Exec. Asst. We have new Admin asst to help with the day to day operations and will be suggesting a fee increase.

Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper) – continue to work on changes to our handicapping system that are fair and work towards more equitable racing.


-  Continue with measuring headsails & spinnakers.

-  requests on application for information, like “in mast” furling main help to track these and see if affects performance.

- continue using the TAC via US Sailing. Like we did for the NFS and Prop Drag and now looking at Keels.

Bob Porter (resigning) (Asst Chief – Non-GTA) - na

Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief. - GTA) – refer to the changes as listed in the Handicappers Sail support booklet (on web). Still working on new rules for spinnakers, debate currently dealing with the Pole length affecting the sail size. Jibs with overlapping roach require HHW & Mainsail roach & Square top projects being looked at to get a fair size of the sail.

3.2. Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser (Eastern) – Brian Thomson – nothing much to report

Alison Jones (resigning) (Golden Horseshoe) – Had several meetings, appeals and initial assignments. Thank you to district.

Frances Doyle (Interim Chief) (Rochester) – not much business without a chief.

Larry Huibers (South Shore) – new ratings were done and some new ones for 2014, The Levels at Youngstown have been reconfigured.

Owen Schneider (Toronto East) – reported a pretty boring year, 12 new boats due to rudders & keels. Thanks to handicappers who made it to meetings during inclement weather

John Crawley (Toronto West) – reported 2 meetings, 11 new boats and 3 appeals.

4. Business

4.1. 2013 Financial ReviewAndrew Sensicle
Budget overage due to Special projects, measures have been made to control expenses for projects so they will need to be approved.
Andrew, Owen. Carried

4.2. 2014 Budget Proposal & Membership fee review (attached) – Andrew Sensicle
Increased special projects, capital improvement fund $5000 each year to replacement of software in the future. Suggest raising fee $5.00 collectable by the club in 2014, billed by and collected by PHRF in 2015.
Suggest have a written statement regarding the fee increase and why, how is the budget on projects affecting the 1600 boats or is it just 100 boats.
Q & A:
Q: is the projects going to continue and fee increases expected.
A: ongoing changes in boats, special fee for non-standard boats or supply vpp from US Sailing to help us.
Q: is the trend that we have higher fees and more work. Suppose to be a simple system.
A: The $5.00 increase last year was welcomed and we need to support projects. Plus, we are putting funds away for Capital improvements.

Motion to accept budget and $5 increase. Andrew Sensicle, Rob Lenters – Carried.

4.3. Member Review and acceptance

NEW – Newport Yacht Club of Stoney Creek
Motion to accept club. Larry Beneay, Alison Jones. Carried.


DROP – Hamilton Boating Club of Newport


5.1. Handicapping Changes for 2014 – Brian Thomson & Adam Farkas
Brian Thomson reviewed the changes that have been posted and will be in place for the 2014 season:

    • Grandfather credit – discontinued
    • Mainsail HHW – new measurement
    • Spinnaker Area changes – continued work required by Central Council due to issue
    • Other adjustments – Carbon Fibre Mast, Roller Furling Mast,
    • Centerline Bowsprits is still being looked at.
    • Handicappers Support document – Jib picture will be corrected.

      Q & A:
      Q: Thought only new mains would be measured.
      A: not in all cases, some square top mains need to be looked at.
      Q: what about undersized mainsails
      A: no credits are being looked at at this time.
      Q: will we need to measure all the mains
      A: no, unless the sail is suspect, there is no reason to measure all the sails. All new mainsails MUST be measured or supply a measurement certificate.
      Q: Spinnakers in inventory might be larger than the one on the certificate with the new measurement rules.
      A: yes, it is the owner’s responsibility to check all the spinnakers in inventory.

5.2. Handicapping Changes for 2015 – Brian Thomson & Adam Farkas
Not reviewed at this time.

5.3. Spring Training Seminars – Mike Campbell
Mike requested that he would like more input from handicappers into what to cover in the seminar.
Suggestion - would like this earlier in the year.
This years seminar is: March 29 – Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club
Next years seminar is tentatively set for:
2015, March 28 – look at earlier date. Host club requested from GHPHRF  or TORE District – no volunteer club was offered.

5.4. PHRF-LO Championship – Mike Campbell & Brian Chapman
This is to promote interclub racing and getting boats off the dock.
Visit the LYRA website for details

6. Nominations/Election of Officers – All positions are open for nominations.

Presidents Position – Larry Beneway would like to step down but is willing to stand for one more year if there are no nominations.

Asst. Chief Handicapper – replacement for Bob Porter – Brian Thomson nominated Jamie Dike, Owen seconded. Carried.

All other Executives are willing to stand for 2014.Motion to accept current Executive Slate: Owen, Sue Sproule. Carried.

7. Next Meeting: First Saturday of Boat show: January 10, 2015, 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

8. Adjournment. Motion to adjourn. Alison Jones, Owen Schneider. 11:09 am