2012 General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 14, 2012

10:00 a.m.

Direct Energy Centre, Toronto International Boat Show

Meeting minutes



Attendees: Larry Beneway (President), Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Bob Porter (Asst. Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Alison Jones (GHPRF), Larry Sill (RDPHRF), Andrews Hooker (SSYRA), Denis Champagne (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), 36 Handicappers and 14 Guests


1. Meeting was called to order 10:04 am

 2. Acceptance of Minutes from January 08, 2011 AGM – Motion to waive reading of min. M//S AndyH/Bill. Carried


 3.1. Reports from executive:

 Larry Beneway ( President )
Did not have much to report as he is fairly new to the position.

 Bent Voetmann (Vice President) – N/A resigned

 Andrew Sensicle (Sec/Tres)
PHRF-LO is financially sound and will review details and forecast under item 4.

 Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper) attached.

 Bob Porter (Asst Chief)
is working on a definition of standard racer/cruiser that he will be presenting to Central Council. Also as LYRA rep. he is on the National PHRF committee. US Sailing is currently working on safety issues and racing rules. Bob will be giving a presentation to US Sailing on Time on time as many regions are still not using it.

 Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief.)
Will continue to focus on “sail area” as a form of Spinnaker calculation and come up with corrections/adjustments that were started last year to be presented to Central Council.


3.2. Reports from the District Chiefs:

 Bill Visser (Eastern) – N/A
Brian Thomson on behalf of the District indicated there was nothing pressing.

 Alison Jones (Golden Horseshoe)
Thanked Brian Veale for all his hard work and dedication over the years. She reported that there were many new handicappers in region and very little activity since taking over as District Chief. Noted that the new Handicappers worksheet has been working well and that the District is presently working on how to rate Ballast boats.

 Larry Sill (Rochester)
held 2 meeting at which 4 new ratings and no appeals were heard.

 Andrews Hooker (South Shore)
all quiet, no meetings were held.

 Dennis Champagne (Toronto East)
new Chief with one meeting to review boats.

 John Crawley (Toronto West)
held 2 meetings at which 4 new ratings, 10 modified boats and 1 appeal were reviewed.


4. Business:


4.1. 2011 Financial Review – Andrew Sensicle
Motion to accept review as written -  M/S Andrew S/Andy Hooker. Carried


4.2. 2012 Budget Proposal & Membership fee review – Andrew Sensicle
Motion to increase fee $1.00 M/S Rob Lenters/Andy Hooker.
Friendly amendment: motion to have the Executive review the budget with a motion to possibly increase the fee for 2013. M/S Bob Porter./Andy. Carried.


4.3. Member Review and acceptance – Larry Beneway

 NEW – None

 REINSTATE – Reef Boat Club, Meaford (TORW)

 For 2012 – Port Hope Yacht Club (TORE)

 DROP – None
Motion to accept members. M/S Larry/andy. Carried.



 5.1. Handicapping Changes for 2012 – Brian Thomson
Special projects were done using the US Sailing vpp program.
The NFS separation that was done10 years ago did not work as well as expected. Too many classes had the NFS-SP unrealistically close to their FS-SP. So we enlisted help from US Sailing and their vpp to calculate NFS-VPP delta.
Genoa size was also reviewed using vpp and a new adjustment schedule will give larger credits to small sails and smaller penalty for large sails.
Prop affect was also reviewed using vpp. This resulted in giving larger credits for fixed props.

 5.2. Bylaw Change to Appeals Procedure – Attached
motion to accept changes. M/S Dennis Champagne/ Andy. Carried

 5.3. Bylaw change from last meeting
Bylaws: Section 13 Amendments to Bylaws
Notice of amendment to the bylaws must be distributed to the membership at least 30 days in advance of an Annual or Special meeting. Distribution shall be via email and posted on the PHRF-LO web site.
Adoption of the proposal for amendment requires at least 2/3 vote of the members present at the meeting.

Motion to accept Bylaw change as noted. M/S Larry B/Andy H. Carried. One apposed.


6. Nominations/Election of Officers
Vice President – no nominations from the floor. The Executive will seek a volunteer.
Motion to accept current executive for another year. M/S Larrry B/Andy H. Carried

 7. Next Meeting: First day of Boat show: January 12, 2013, 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)

 8. Adjournment

9. Training / Information Seminar
Sail Measurement Video was presented with John Crawley as narrator.

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