2017 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Saturday January 21, 2017

Toronto International Boat Show

Direct Energy Centre


 Attendees:  Mike Campbell (Pres.); Bill Topping (V. Pres); Alison Jones (Sec/Tres); Brian Thompson (Chief Handicapper); Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief - GTA) ; Adam Farkas ( Asst. Chief- Non GTA); Diana Riley (Exec. Asst); Sheena Tait (Admin. Asst)  and 34 handicappers. 31 out of 64 Members were represented.

  1. Meeting was called to Order at 10:02am
  2. Motion to accept Minutes from January 9, 2016 AGM. M/S Mike Campbell/Jamie Dike. Carried.
  3. Reports

            3.1 Reports from Exectuive:

Mike Campbell (President)

Welcomed everyone and introduced Alison Jones as Secretary Treasurer. He expressed his appreciation for the endless hours, hard work and dedication that Andrew Sensicle had made to the organization over the past 2 decades.

Bill Topping ( Vice President)

Reminder of the Spring Training Event happening March 25, Prince Edward Yacht Club

Suggestion from the floor:  Recording of the Training Event, so those unable to attend could benefit from viewing it at a later date.  Also that it could be used as a helpful reminder.  Especially on the issue of measuring Mainsails correctly. It was noted that recording of training events has been tried in the past, but wasn’t very successful.  However, it was mentioned that North Sails would be open to having PHRF-LO bring video recording equipment and have one of their sailmakers demonstrate the proper measuring techniques, while being filmed. 

A Member willingly offered to supply the equipment and do the recording. This is being looked into setting up a time.

Allison Jones (Secretary/Treasurer)

Addressed her willingness to step into the position of Secretary/Treasurer.  

Reported of the change to the Invoices, and how they will be easier for Clubs to understand what exactly each charge is for.

Brian Thompson ( Chief Handicapper)

Reported there will be new sail measurement changes coming soon. 

Starting this year, 2017 a new website feature available, will be an online form allowing handicappers to directly pay for and print Certificates instantaneously.


  • Sail Measurements
  • Working on Asym Differences
  • Scratch Boats
  • Different racing conditions (ie: Lake Ontario vs USA Lakes)

Jamie Dike  (Asst. Handicapper GTA)

Working on a definition that will help define the PHRF-LO rating, for the 2018 AGM

Continue working on getting Sport Boats rated, and what defines a Sport Boat. As at the General Council meeting in Feb it was suggested to look at Sport boats.

Comparison of PHRF Organisations/ Districts

The issue of the Point to Point information is still being collected and looked into.

Adam Farkas (Asst. Handicapper non-GTA)

Helped with the Asym. Rule Changes, along with Jib Assesments

Recent news, New Mainsail measurements, is a 2 step process, for helping to increase accuracy in the actual measuring to establish correct ratings

New Boats- liking to take a look at those already on file with IRC or ORA for comparisons

A universal Sail measuring form, that means there will be 1 form for all racing bodies, IRC/PHRF/ORC will be available allowing for ease of information required from Sail makers. 

However it was noted that the Mid Girth measurement is generally used, but PHRF-LO  also requires the Max Girth measurement.  A motion will be put forward at the next Central Council meeting asking to accept the change to only require the Mid girth measurement.

Thoughts of implementing a 2 Tier Racing (prof/semi-prof. crews and Rec/Hobby racers; Possible ‘hi Performance class’) at certain times. Individual Clubs need to go to Central Council to ask for these changes to happen.

3.2 Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser (Eastern)

There were no appeals. East end has a big growing interest in the sport end.

Sue Sproule (Golden Horseshoe)

Held 2 face to face meetings.  2 New boats were rated.  Have been pushing to ensure Members have PHRF Certificates.  Still working on obtaining an One Design Rating for Sharks

Fran Doyle (Rochester)

Held 2 Face to Face meetings.  3 New boats were rated. Star rating was resolved.

Struggling with engine issues in this district.  Asking all Members to send in all their One Design racing results in order to collect the data, for information.

Larry Huibers (South Shore) N/A

Owen Schneider (Toronto East)

Held 2 Face to Face meetings.  Rated 2 new Boats.  2 Clubs were lost in the East end, Newcastle Yacht Club and Port Hope Yacht Club.  Proposed an Experimental Certificate for boats they can’t rate, but was not adopted by Central Council.

John Crawley ( Tor. West)

1 Meeting was held.  2 new boats were rated.  1 modified boat.

  1. Business

4.1 - 2016 Financial Review – Alison Jones

There were 1497 Certificates issued in 2016.  Over the last 10 yrs there has been a reduction of 475 Certificates

After reviewing the final budget at the Central Council meeting in Nov. 2016, in discussion the decision to now require HST to be charged on Certificates be implemented starting from the 2017 season and onward.  More than $7000 was spend on Capital Improvements and Projects.

Motion to Accept 2016 Budget – M/S Alison  2nd Owen Schneider – Carried

4.2 – 2017  Budget Proposal and Membership Fee Review – Alison Jones

Informed that membership fees will be increased, the Cost of Certificates are now $35.97 + HST.  The $5.00 Race Credit will still be applicable.

Collection of the HST ($4.03) Begins this 2017 Season, however Clubs will not be invoiced for it until 2018. 

Motion that from 2017 all Member Clubs will be billed in Canadian Dollars, including Applicable taxes.  M/S Jamie Dike, S/ Morgan Seele - Carried

Motion of Approving the Certificate Rate of $35.97.   M/S Alison Jones 2nd Art Bronstein - Carried

4.3 member Review and acceptance – No new members


5.1 Handicapping Changes for 2017- Adam Farkas

Mainsail adjustment tables were compared and found that in 2016 it was a bit ‘off’ , therefore a new Adjustment table was established in order to better apply Penalties and Credits where applicable.

Motion to adopt this new adjustment (attached) starting in the upcoming 2017 season.
M/S Sue Sproule, 2nd Dave Robinson.-  Carried

5.2 Handicapping Changes for 2018 –Adam Farkas

The addition of the Mainsail 7/8th measurement (MGT) will be required this 2017 season as it will be going into effect and mandatory in the 2018 season.

See formula attached.

5.3 Spring Training Seminars – Bill Topping

                        2017 – March 25 – Host Club will be Prince Edward Yacht Club

                        2018March 24th – Host Club needed in Toronto (TORE or TORW)

                        2019 – March 30th – Host Club needed in West (GHPRF or SSYRA)

5.4 Promotional Initiative – Mike Campbell

A Digital file with the PHRF logo has been made and is available for use to any Club, pending Approval of their Application filed before the cut-off date of May 1st 

This logo can be used on items such as (but not limited to) Hats /Flags/Shirts, that the club hands out for their Regatta.  

Clubs will be reimbursed at a rate of:  

$5 per embroidered logo;
$4 per printed logo;
$1 per digital logo.

Again, Clubs must be Pre-Approved to use the logo in this manner in order to be reimbursed.  Within the notice of race and sailing instructions, it must be clear that all boats racing in the regatta MUST have a Valid PHRF Certificate.   It becomes a PHRF event, that PHRF will help promote this event.

When Invoicing PHRF for reimbursement of the printed items, it must be made clear the Number of Units for each type of logo done.  (Embrodiered/Printed/Digital)    

5.5 Bylaw Changes – Alison Jones

Amendments to bylaws were presented, minor changes were noted as follows:

The 2 Highlighted By-Laws, 1.6 and 14 will be completely removed from the By-Laws.

4.1 b)  They are charged with the mandate to protect the present and future viability of the ORGANIZATION. To that end the any By-Law update shall be written to promote membership in the Organization to the mutual benefit of the Organization

7.2  Maintanance Maintenance of Membership

7.3 e) members will collect fees for certificates issued under the Handicap System, for remittance to the Organization, including Applicable taxes .

7.4.2  Protests under RRS 78.1  if referred to the “relevant class rule authorities” as referenced in RRS 65.3 shall be submitted to the Central Council at a meeting called for the purpose.

9. a) Shall maintain their certificate’s validity by ensuring their certificate fee is paid.

Motion to approve the By-Laws with amendments. M/S Alison Jones, 2nd Owen Schneider – Carried

5.6 On-line Certificate – Mike Campbell

Hoping to have this available in 2017.  Will be available to anyone to apply for and print out instantaneously.  However this will only be available for all boats already rated on file in the database.

5.7 Date of AGM – Mike Campbell

Put forth to Members to move from the 1st Saturday of the Boat Show, to the 2nd Saturday, in conjunction with the weekend of the Ontario Sail.   It was decided that PHRF-LO will reach out to Ontario Sail first to see if they would like to co-ordinate meetings to the same weekend, before a final decision is made.

  1. Nominations/Election of Officers

Alison Jones for Secretary/Treasurer.  Nominated by Morgan Seele  2nd David Robinson

Vote unanimous – Yay. 

  1. Next Meeting – 1st or 2nd Saturday of Boat Show. Pending outcome of 5.7 above. To be held at the Toronto International Boat Show, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

Meeting Adjourned 12:30pm