2021 Annual General Meeting

PHRF-LO Annual General Meeting

Zoom Webinar
January 16, 2021

10:00 AM



Larry Huibers (Pres), Bill Topping (V. Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief)
Diana Riley (Exec. Assist)

Central Council: Bill Visser (Eastern District Chief), Sue Sproule (Golden Horseshoe District Chief), Jamie Dike (Rep- South Shore District Chief), Owen Schneider (Toronto East District Chief), Mike Brown (Toronto West District Chief)

Technical Advisory Committee: Steve Corona, John Crawley, Keven Piper, Garry Cooke.

Members Represented: 48 (Bylaws require 2/3 = 32), Guests: 18

  1. Meeting was called to order at 10:05 am.
    Quorum was confirmed.

  2. Acceptance of the Agenda - Larry Huibers

Motion: Approve agenda for 2021 AGM.
M/S. Sue/Owen.
Poll Results - Yes: 43, No: 0, Abstain: 0

3. Acceptance of Minutes from the 2020 Annual General Meeting  

Motion: Accept the 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes.
M/S Bill V/Fran
Poll Results – Yes: 44 , No: 0, Abstain: 0


4.1 Reports from executive:

Larry Huibers ( President ) - Chair

Would like to thank you to all volunteers for their dedication at this meeting and the sport of sailing. Covid – 19 was challenging. We have had discussions with OSA on unified approach to dealing with our issues and showed interest in working with us towards this. Movement is happening. 

The PHRF-LO family would like to send out condolences to Fred White & Dick Taylor, long time handicappers that we lost during 2020.

Bill Topping (Vice President)

The Training Seminar was cancelled last year, so this year we will try the Webinar approach.

Possibly the 2022 * may move to the EYC area vs Golden Horseshoe or South Shore. Looking for Comments.

- 2021 Spring Training Seminar

March 27, 2021 10:00 AM - Zoom Webinar

- 2022 – March 26th – Host Club needed in South (GHPRF or SSYRA) *

- 2023 - March 25th - Host Club needed in East (EYC or ROCH)

- 2024 – March 30th – Host Club needed in Toronto (TORE or TORW)

Alison Jones (Sec/Tres)

- 2020 Financial Review

Overall down around $13,000 in expenses from our budget. (avail on web after the meeting).
Using the Zoom system for meetings & webinar has been beneficial to continue meetings and reduce costs.

We will be looking at Voting rights and use of Proxies at Annual Meeting in Bylaws later on in this meeting.

The PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship was canceled for 2020 so no costs were incurred.

We purchased Burgees (prior to the shutdown) to be distributed this spring.

2020 Financial Report & 2021 Budget

Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper)

Racing was a dogs breakfast due to covid restrictions in different areas. SSYRA had no chief so the Asst. Chief assumed that role in the interim. Point to point will be discussed later in this meeting. We have 4 TAC members, John Crawley, Steve Corona, Garry Cooke, Keven Piper who have helped contribute to the changes you will see later in this meeting.

Jamie Dike (Asst Chief – Non-GTA)

Not much to report, still working to finalize the Point-to-point rating system.

Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief. - GTA)

A complete review of projects and changes will be presented later in this meeting. A PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the web site.

4.2 Reports from the District Chiefs:

Bill Visser (Eastern)

EYC was slow with only 2 meetings. One appeal which was denied. One new boat out of Kingston.
Racing was different within the district due to COVID-19. Some Distance races with multiple start points.

Issue raised: Some boats that are not designed to have a FS handicap have one. So we are looking into this to report to Central Council.

Sue Sproule (Golden Horseshoe)

Had one pre-pandemic meeting, in order to get boats in the water, to approve one new rating and one mod. Lots of confusion with regards to racing. Some races were restricted to NFS and race courses adjustments. Some inter club events within the District had enjoyable enthusiasm. Some races with 6 different courses based on home club.

Frances Doyle - (Rochester)

Times were tough but found a way to make something happen. District is currently looking into box rating for some classes. Most clubs in district did race but not all. LYRA did happen with local attendees.
Mostly fun racing!

Jamie Dike (rep - South Shore)

Nothing to report

Owen Schneider (Toronto East)

One meeting including a rule change to look at the FS-ASP being slower than the NFS-ASP. One appeal, with excess detail then owner made a change in district.

Mike Brown (Toronto West)

Held 1 meeting with 7 people in which we rated 4 boats and looked at 2 appeals. Rated 1 mod boat and made one rating change. Once restrictions changed, there was some weeknight racing with limits followed.

  1. Membership

5.1. Member Review and acceptance – Larry Huibers

NEW – No new clubs to report


DROP – None

5.2 Districts - alignment - Larry Huibers

Motion: Assign Georgian Yacht Club to the Golden Horseshoe District
M/S Owen/Sue
Poll Results – Yes: 35, No: 0, Abstain: 9

  1. Financial - Alison Jones

6.1 Bylaw Changes - Section 7.5 Membership Deposit - Alison Jones

- See Proposed Modifications to the bylaws.

Motion: Modify Bylaw 7.5 as presented:
”The Membership deposit is an estimate of the number of certificates to be issued for the current season”
M/S Mike B/Bill V
Poll Results: Yes: 40, No: 1, Abstain: 3

6.2. 2021 Budget Proposal

Motion: Approve the 2021 Expenditures as presented.
M/S Bill V/Bill T
Poll Results: Yes: 45, No: 0, Abstain: 0


Q: How about a multi season certificate?
A: we used to do that, not sure if this is advisable with changes etc.
Q: What ideas are there to make up deficit?
A: we reduced expenditures across the board
Q: How about no Race credit this year?
A: No, we would like to have no changes this year.
Q: Maybe you would like to lock in fees for a few years?
A: probably not advisable at this point.

NOTE: It was suggested that a club could carry over the credit rather than getting a refund. We will look into suggestions and try to work with individual clubs.

6.3 Membership Dues

Motion: No change to current certificate fees in 2021.
M/S Fran/Sue
Poll Results: Yes: 45, No: 1, Abstain: 0

  1. Other Business

7.1 Bylaw Changes - Section 8 Annual Meeting - Alison Jones

- See Proposed Modifications to the bylaws.

Motion: Modify Bylaw 8.1 as presented.
M/S Mike/Fran
Poll Results: Yes: 46, No: 0, Abstain: 0

7.2 Handicapping Changes

Handicapping Changes being presented - Adam Farkas
Slated to be implemented in 2022 (Exceptions as motioned)

PPT & Video recorded and is available via AGM Jan 16 2021

a) Limit the minimum Symmetrical Spinnaker MG

MG shall be greater than 75% of the foot -

Motion: MG is defined as the symmetrical spinnaker mid girth which must be greater than 75% of the foot.
M/S Owen/Mike
Poll Results: Yes: 37, No: 2, Abstain: 0
NOTE: Poll lost due to re-post and overwrite


Q: explain the loophole.
A: This will keep the Sym rule consistent with the Asym rule.

b) Symmetrical Spinnaker Girth measurement change

Motion to: Replace Max Girth (MG) with Mid Girth (MG)

M/S Owen/Sue Sproule
Poll Results: Yes: 35, No: 4, Abstain: 4


Q: Are we adding a mid girth or replacing it.
A: replacing it with Mid Girth.
Q: may require measuring and some buying new sails
A: yes but it is voluntary if the owner wants to.
Q: does this come in effect in 2021 or 2022
A: unless voted differently would be 2022.
Q: this will result in rating changes?
A: no, for most boats this will not cause major handicap changes.

c) FS-ASP shall be less than or equal to the NFS-ASP

Motion: The FS-ASP shall not be slower (numerically higher) than the NFS-ASP. Adjust the FS-ASP (as a penalty) to match the NFS-ASP.
M/S Adam/Owen
Poll Results: Yes: 43, No: 0, Abstain: 0

Motion: Apply the new rule for FS-ASP that are slower (Numerically higher) than the NFS-ASP for this season 2021.
M/S Sue/Owen
Poll Results: Yes: 43, No: 1, Abstain: 0


Q: will the FS or NFS get adjusted
A: the FS will be adjusted with a penalty to match the NFS-asp

d) CL Fixed Sprit Credit
Change the CL Credit from +6 to +3 for all CTP Class rated boats

Motion: reduce the Centerline tack credit for Point-to-point racing from +6 to +3
M/S: Owen/Mike.
Poll Results: Yes: 38, No: 4, Abstain: 0


Q: what is the rationale for this
A: it is suggested that the smaller adjustment is appropriate.
Q: how many boats will be affected
A: We would have to look into that

e) Free Flying Genoa (FFG)
Adopt a new Free Flying Genoa rule for Point-to-Point racing

New rule: FFG will be measured as a Spin but penalized as a Jib.

Motion: Motion to support Free Flying Headsail Adjustments for Point to Point racing.
M/S: Owen/Mike.
Poll Results: Yes: 39 No: 2, Abstain: 1


Q: can the definition be set to FFH vs FFG to match other rating systems.
A: yes, that could be done
Q: Is this change for 2021 or 2022
A: 2022
Q: do we allow bloopers
A: A blooper is measured as a Genoa
Q: Will these boats be White sails or Flying Sails
A: Flying Sails

f) Keel Assessment
Adopt a numerical keel assessment system based on keel design for Initial Assignments

A tool for Initial Assignments, keel changes/modifications  and handicap review assessments.

Motion: Approve the use of Numerical Keel Assessment System for Initial Assignments
M/S: Owen/Mike
Poll Results: Yes: 38, No: 2, Abstain:2

Motion: approve for 2021.
M/S: Garry Cooke/
Deferred until after g)


Q: Will the keel presentation be on the web site
A: Yes
Q: So the keel change will be back fitted to all classes
A: No, only on review or Initial Assignments
Q: So should this be considered a Guidance for Initial Assignments
A: Absolutely

g) Handicappers Manual Part I - revision
Modify the Handicapping Rules applicable to changes to Part II of the Manual to include specifically to "Section 6"

Handicappers Manual Part I
Section 2.3.    Handicapping Changes. that affect PART II Section 6 Adjustments to SP Handicaps of the Handicappers Manual, will be ready for presentation at the Annual Meeting *, the year previous to when the changes take effect. With a "draft" of PART II available for viewing by Sept 1st of the previous year.

NOTE: Exceptions will be made for minor housekeeping corrections.

Motion: Approve change as noted above.
M/S: Owen/Mike
Poll Results: Yes: 34, No: 1, Abstain 4

Handicapping Changes for 2022

a) Point to Point racing - Jamie Dike & Owen Schneider
- information regarding delay in implementation due to covid and other reasons. Will also better match with implementation of FFH.

Motion: Postpone implementation of P2P handicaps to 2022
M/S: Owen/Mike
Poll Results: Yes: 36, No 1, Abstain: 0


Q: will numbers be available
A: Yes, for this year.
Q: can we use the numbers this year
A: Yes, we encourage it
Q: Can these numbers be used with the Alternate TOT.
A: No

Handicapping Changes - future

a) Improvements to Prop adjustments

7.3. Nominations/Election of OfficersAll positions are open for nominations.

Slate of Officers

President - Larry Huibers (Niagara on the Lake Sailing club)

Vice President - Bill Topping (Brockport Yacht Club)

Sec/Tres - Alison Jones (Port Credit Yacht Club)

Chief Handicapper - Brian Thomson (Bay of Quinte Yacht Club)

Assistant Chief GTA - Adam Farkas (National Yacht Club)

Assistant Chief Non-GTA - Open
- Owen Schneider (Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club) has been selected for nomination by Central Council.

Nominate Owen S assume Non-GTA Asst Chief Handicapper

Approved by acclimation. No vote.

8. New Business

8.1 – Implement the Symmetrical Mid Girth Change in 2021.

Motion: to accept change for 2021
M/S: Sue S/
Withdrawn after discussion

9. Next Meeting: First Saturday of Boat show: tentative January 15, 2022, 10:00 am– Toronto International Boat Show (Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto)

10. Adjournment 1:30 pm