April 2014 Conference call


Central Council Conference Call

April 15, 2014



Brian Thomson (Chief Handicapper), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Larry Huibers (SSYRA), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Andrew Sensicle (TAC)

Called to order at 7:04 pm


This meeting was called to address contentious issues surrounding the actions of Central Council at the March 29, 2014 meeting and the decisions made regarding the handicapping of the Martin 243 class and issuance of a handicap certificate.

On March 29th, Central Council decided that a review of Section 10.5 of the Handicappers Manual would need to be done prior to allowing a certificate for the subject class to be re-issued.

2 items were on the agenda, however, the focus of the meeting was on item 1 below:

  1. Rule 10.5 - clarity of rule. What does it say?

    Extreme Yachts - In order to receive a handicap to race in PHRF-LO, a yacht may not have 'racks' in place racing (movable structures available to facilitate moving the crew outside the hull to aid righting movement). As well trapezes and their wires are not to be onboard during racing.

Several issues were deliberated.
- Need to ensure that the intent of the current rule (which was established in 1997 by this body, in response to handicapping the Hobie Magic 25), is substantiated throughout the system before allowing a certificate.
- Need to ensure that the Objectives of PHRF-LO (see item 2 below) can still be adhered to with regards to this boat being allowed to participate until this issue can be resolved.
- Need to review our role in regards to the RRS and issuance of a certificate for racing.


Motion: Based on the decision of Central Council at the March 26, 2011 meeting (item 3e) where the Martin 243 was supposed to be denied a certificate. Issuance of the certificate will be withheld until further review of Rule 10.5 of the Handicappers Manual can be completed. M/S Larry H/Sue S. Carried.

7:30 pm – John Crawley excused himself but voiced that he would be in favour of the above motion.
8:00 pm – Owen Schneider excused himself but voiced that he would be against the above motion.

Amendment: replace “Issuance of the certificate will be withheld until” with “A 2014 certificate will be issued but may be denied once”. M/S. Jamie D/  - failed for lack of a seconder

VOTE on original Motion:
In favour – Sue S, Adam F, Larry H
Against – Jamie D

2. Objectives of PHRF-LO - Bylaws

2.1 To promote handicap racing on Lake Ontario.

2.2     To establish and maintain an equitable system of handicaps based upon speed potential of monohull yachts (hereinafter called the "Handicap System") owned or chartered by persons who have qualified for a handicap (hereinafter called "Certificate Holder") from the Organization.  The Handicap System shall NOT be based on "golf" handicap systems.


The owner will be notified of the decision of this body, emphasizing that it is not the intention to limit participation in racing at his/her club. Member clubs have the authority to allow “any” boat to participate in a race locally, but this body is mandated to act on behalf of all interclub lake wide racing.

8:25 Meeting was adjourned.

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