November 2018

Central Council

November 17th, 2018

Port Credit Yacht Club


Present: Brian Thompson (Chief Handicapper); Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief); Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief); Bill Visser (EYC); Sue Sproule (GHPRF); Larry Huibers (SSYRA); Fran Doyle (ROCH); Owen Schneider (TORE); John Crawley (TORW); Diana Riley (Exec. Asst.); Sheena Tait (Admin. Asst.)

Guests: Mike Campbell (Pres); Bill Topping (V. Pres.); Alison Jones (Act. Sec/Treas)

1. Call to Order – 11:09

2. Acceptance of minutes March 2018. Motion to accept M/S Owen, Bill V. 

3. Class Reviews:

3.1 Classes brought up during racing season

a) Dehler 38-2 – GHPRF new rating

- Bow Sprit is manufacturer supplied, they allow for the option of either a Spin pole or Bow Sprit. Designating this class with a Spin pole as Standard from manufacturer, will allow a Bowsprit boat to get a certificate without a new class, designating this as standard with a bowsprit, would require a new class for a Spin Pole boat.

Action: Sue Sproule (GHPRF) was advised to rate Dehler 38-2 standard boat with a Spinnaker Pole

b) J 24 –NFS-ASP Delta of 27, NFS-SP delta of 21

-NFS-SP Delta was dropped 6 secs in 2018 (new delta is 15).

Motion: Motion by Larry to change the NFS-SP Delta from 15 to 12.  Bill V. 2nd

5 For, 1 Opposed (John) Carried

3.2  Grievances

a) Bluenose – appeal from Eastern District meeting

Motion: Bill Visser motioned that the Bluenose appeal be moved to the next meeting in Feb.  In order to be based on additional findings.   John 2nd   Carried

3.3  Specific Class Issues

a) IB vs OB class review

Is 6 secs appropriate?
Should we drop the 6 secs rule or can 6 secs be the starting point?

Suggested that this may be a programming change to give a delta value for Props, however, we currently have too many projects on the go.

Motion: Larry motioned to be tabled for presentation at the 2021 AGM, notwithstanding the ability to do a review within individual classes.    John Crawley 2nd.   Carried

b) NFS-Delta – FS rating changes

See: 6 b) Owen Schneider gave a short presentation on his Wind Data project

Based on the Owen’s presentation in regards to the NFS-Delta project, it was suggesting that the Jim Teeters Windward Leeward 8 formula may be better than the GPH (currently used) or the Windward Leeward 10 (as suggested last year).   Owen & Jamie will re-visit their previous changes to NFS Delta numbers.

Motion: Jamie motioned that the NFS Delta be updated to the Jim Teeters Windward Leeward  8 formula for the 2020 season (for presentation at the 2019 AGM), and that no changes to Delta be made until 2022.   Sue Sproule 2nd, Carried

c) Archambault 35 and all other Non-mod Bowsprit Classes from last meeting

- Work on the 15% Bowsprit allowance will correct some issues
- The Archambault 35 certificate now has a rating of 79, John Crawley is satisfied with this
- Continued work on the penalties & credits will be done by Adam to ensure that our system works for Asym Sails on Bowsprit additions/modifications cases.
Action: Remove from Agenda

4. Handicapping Items:


15% Bowsprit Allowance:

Adam put this on hold, to look into the Asymmetrical Sail and our formula with Diana supplying necessary data.

Motion: Jamie motioned that Adam continue to work on Bowsprit/Asymmetrical Formula, with Diana and Tech.   2nd Sue. Carried.

b) Mainsail– No changes

c) Jib – No changes

d) Point to Point racing with an Asym on a sprit separate from W/I races.

From last meeting:  Jamie Dike is still working with the TAC to look into Point to Point ratings and should be completed within 2 yrs and have at the very least and experimental number.

                -Using ORC to run check against current findings
                -Still a work in progress

5. Project and Initiatives:

a) Project for Class Designation of High Performance Boats – Adam Farkas & Owen Schneider

Action –Tabled

b) US Sailing Fleet Assessment – Jamie & Owen

- Using the Wind Data project show earlier in meeting

- Should be ready in Spring in time for the Spring Meeting

c) Budget Review for Projects – for Executive

- NFS-Delta - Estimating 40hrs

                - Bowsprit information for Adam’s project, data/comparisons, estimating 15hrs

                - Asymmetrical Project with Adam – Estimating 20 hrs

6. Other Items:

a) Technical Advisory Committee – Adding New members

                Phil Williamson – Designer

                Geoff Moore – Sailmaker

                Kevin Piper – Sailmaker

-Geoff & Kevin have mentioned they are willing to work together and offer to go to meetings.   Will be introduced at the AGM

Motion: Brian motioned that we accept Geoff & Kevin as members of TAC.      2nd   Carried

b) Wind Study – Owen Schneider

Owen Schneider gave a short presentation on his Wind Data project. 
What was evident is that conditions varied (at some points greatly) between locations & time of day, around the lake and in particular, up in the Ottawa region, where differences where significant.
However, on Lake Ontario, the wind & Energy graphs also seem to indicate that 8 knots is fairly reliable (on average) to be used as a tool and to help in decision making.

7. New Business:

a) Go back to simple -Bill Visser
The EYC District requested that the 1 sec/nm used for adjustments to ratings be changed back to 3 sec/nm. They feel that things are getting too complex for them and it was nice having a simple table to refer to. ie: formula changes
Suggestion: Jamie suggested that this be raised with the Members at the AGM. It was seemed appropriate that this be decided by the Members at large.
Action: To be added to the AGM Agenda

b) Sail Makers Worksheet - Adam
Adam suggested a stripped down worksheet for sail design, without the entire database and other worksheet tools.
Or giving sailmaker’s access to an online certificate for a $ amount, but that this ‘Certificate’ would NOT be a Valid Racing Certificate, but more of a test certificate for use by the sailmaker.
Action: No action at this time.

c) Alternative Time on Time – Steve Corona via Fran Doyle
Fran handed out a letter from Steve Corona regarding the use of the Alternate Time on Time and its application on the Lake.
There was question as to how and when that Alternate should be used and Central Council reiterated that the A-TOT is endorsed as an option to be selected by the organizing authority and should not be used without prior notice to the competitors.

Motion: Jamie motioned that for an organizing authority to use the Alternate Time on Time scoring formula, they must identify that they are using the Alternate Time on Time scoring in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Larry 2nd  . 
Vote 5 – For, John Opposed, Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned 3:56pm


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