February 2020

Central Council Meeting

Saturday, Feb 29, 2020

Port Credit Yacht Club


Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Fran Doyle (ROCH), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Kevin Piper (TAC), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), Garry Cooke (GHPRF-guest), Mike Brown (TORW-guest), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres- guest)

1)      Meeting was called to order at 10:15 am

2)      Motion to approve Minutes from November 16, 2019.
          M/S Bill V/Owen S. Carried

3)     Class Reviews:

  1. Alert classes & New Class Reviews - See attached list

    Non/Jib or classes with NFS-delta = 0 (eg: Nonsuch)

    Motion that all Non-Jib classes or classes with an NFS-Delta = 0 be reviewed separately at the next meeting. M/S: Jamie/Owen. Carried.

  2. Other Class reviews
    1. C&C 27-4 vs 27-3 rating concern from Nepean Sailing.
      Review of the suggestion from NSC that the FS-ASP on these class boats should be equal was agreed.
      Motion to adjust the C&C 27-3 (-3 sec/nm to FS-SP = 186) to arrive at a FS-ASP of 186 and adjust the C&C 27-4 (+3 sec/nm to FS-SP = 189 “as per Nov 2019 meeting”) to arrive at a FS-ASP of 187.
      M/S: Jamie/Fran. Carried
      NOTE: Future rating changes should consider both these classes.
    2. Farr 36 (Zamboni) and Nelson Marek 36 (Bad Whiskey) - rating review request - Adam Farkas
      Discussion identified these two classes as “Twins” of each other and that the handicaps did not match.
      Motion to adjust the Nelson Marek 36 (-9 sec/nm to FS-SP = 42) to match the “twin” Farr 36 (Mumm) class (FS-SP = 48).
      M/S: Adam/Fran. Carried. John C. opposed.
      NOTE: Future rating changes should consider both these classes.
    3. Flying Tiger 10m - Oswego rating review request – Fran
      More information is being gathered.
      Action: Tabled for next year review

 3. Benchmark Boat List review - Sue Sproule (updated Feb 24th)

  1. A review of the current and potential Benchmark boats.
    ( see additional information from Owen on the J 80)
    Tabled until the next meeting in March.
  2. NFS-Delta - Handicap review of remaining classes - see NFS-Delta 2020 results
    Diana Riley reviewed all classes and proposed the following “Actions” to be accepted as default Motions to handle the majority of the classes:
    Motion “A” – If the NFS-delta change is +/- 3, apply to the NFS only. With some exceptions.
    Motion “B” – If the NFS-delta change is > +/- 3. If no NFS Races, apply to NFS only.
    Motion “C” – If the NFS-delta change is > +/- 3 and there are No Certificates, apply to NFS only.
    Motion “D” – If “Class” is Inactive (no certificates): Offset the 2012 FS adjustment if applicable.

    After review of the Class Handicap Worksheets of a few classes and due to time restrictions the following motion was made:

    Motion to apply the NFS-Delta changes to the NFS in all the remaining “unresolved” classes regardless of the 2012 changes and to review the FS-SP “independently” for the following classes. M/S: Jamie/Sue. Carried.

Hughes 25

5)    Handicapping items:

  1. a) SPINNAKER:
  • none
  1. b) MAINSAIL:
  • MGT - see Mainsails Unmeasured - 2020
    Review of item 5b) from February 2018
    Motion from Feb 2018: Missing MGT measurements will be subject to penalties if not reported by the 2020 racing season. The old formula will apply in these cases until then.

    Motion: The new formula (including the MGT) will now be effective for all mainsails. Mainsails that are missing any measurement will now be penalized (-3 sec/nm). M/S: Jamie/Adam. Carried.
  1. c) Jib:
  • Code Zero for Point to Point racing.
  • Measurement of all Jibs to identify illegal sails.

Action: Tabled until next meeting

  1. d) Point to Point Handicapping
  • Jamie Dike/Owen Schneider to present point to point handicaps.
  • Jamie/Owen & Keven to present suggested changes to manual
  • Consideration of Asym on a sprit as a separate handicap adjustment for PtoP

Action: Tabled until next meeting

  1. e) Regional ratings to allow for area unique conditions – Bill Visser
    The Eastern District felt that conditions in that region may warrant a different default NFS-delta than the W/L 8 being used.
    This led to a suggestion that we consider “regional” handicaps.

Discussion Included:

  • Difficulties with variable wind conditions happening from year to year
  • Race Management issues in applying these varying numbers
  • Administrative issues
  • Consideration that even IRC has a single number

Motion to look into this further. M/S. Bill /Owen. Failed.

  1. f) Bloopers - Owen Schneider added Feb 27
    Action: Tabled for next meeting

6) Projects and Initiatives:

  1. Budget Review for Projects - for Executive
    Action: Tabled for next meeting

7) Other items

  1. a) Race Analysis Data - uploaded to Web site? - Diana Riley
        We have the ability to upload the individual boat "race data" to the web site for search capability. Would this be wanted?
    Action: approved for “Registered Handicappers only”
  2. b) Revise Alert Criteria - Diana Riley
         Is it time to review the Alert Criteria and make modifications, given today's technology?
    Action: Tabled for next meeting
  3. c) ERS/ORC materials for references - Owen Schneider
    Action: Tabled for next meeting

8) New Business

  1. Review of CL credit and the JT formula.
    It was identified, that in 2016, with the introduction of the CTP credit (+6) for all centerline classes, the FS-SP for classes with a standard centerline were adjusted (-6) to maintain the ASP. However, the effect of this was not accounted for in the NFS-SP.
    Motion to correct the (-6) adjustment applied to the FS-SP to maintain the ASP in 2016, be corrected in the JT formula. M/S. Jamie/ Failed with no second.
    Action: Tabled for next meeting


Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.

Next CC meetings:

Spring Meeting: March 29, 2020