March 2020

Central Council Meeting

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Zoom Video Conference


Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Fran Doyle (ROCH), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Kevin Piper (TAC), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst)


Larry Huibers (Pres), Bill Topping (V.Pres), Alison Jones( Sec/Tres-guest), Garry Cook (GHPRF-alternate), Mike Brown (TORW-Dist Chief incoming), Kirk Robertson (BRIT handicapper)

Lake Michigan PHRF – pre-meeting discussion (Brian T, Adam F, Jamie D, Diana R)
Discussions regarding recent contact Diana had with representatives of the LMPHRF group. They have offered to let LO use their on-line certificate tool to create sample certificates. Several other questions arose that indicated that it may be worthwhile having a Video Conference in order to see if there are other ways that we can assist each other. A tentative meeting was set to include: Brian, Adam, Jamie, Larry Huibers and Bill Topping.

1)     Meeting was called to order at 10:12

2)      Motion to approve the Minutes from Previous meeting. M/S Jamie/Brian. Carried.
            Mumm 36 vs Nelson Marek 36 – request for re-address to rating change moved to class reviews. Adam

3)     Class Reviews:

  1. Grievances (moved to start of meeting so input from local handicapper could be included)

    1. Bluenose Cuddy – Bill Visser EYC
      Jamie Dike submitted an overview of the appeal he reviewed.
      Based on: the submitted information, age of the sails, individual experiences with sailing this class of boat and fleet review.
      Motion: Deny the appeal. M/S. Adam/Sue. Carried unanimously.
      Bill Visser - abstained.

  2. Class Reviews

    1. Mumm 36 vs Nelson Marek 36 rating re-address – Adam.
      At the last meeting it was Adams intent to have these “Twin” classes have the FS-SP equal. However the previous change of -9 to the NM 36, would be wrong.
      Motion: To set both “Twin” boats to the same FS-SP of the Farr 36.
      (The NM 36 will be changed +6 = 48 FS-SP).
      M/S: Adam/John. Carried

    2. NFS-Delta Unresolved - Due to the overall changes to the NFS-Delta and the effect on the SP’s of classes with “small or no” Jib.

      Motion 1:
      Motion to adjust the NFS-SP -9 on the following classes.
      M/S: Sue/Jamie. Carried.

Freedom 33 (all versions)
GT 26
Naiad 18
Nonsuch (all versions)
Sparhawk 42

Motion 2: Motion to accept the NFS-Delta change as calculated on the following classes:
M/S: Sue/Brian. Carried.

1947 Wooden Viking (-12)
Folkboat (-15)
Hughes 25 (-9)
KDY 15 (-12)
Luders 16 (-12)
Star (0)

c. New & Alerts - tabled from last meeting:

Dufour 31 SD (New) – Motion to approve new rating.
M/S: Jamie/Bill V. Carried
J 112 EThis class should be designated as a Sport Boat
Motion to adjust handicap -6 (FS-SP = 45).
M/S: Owen/Sue. Carried via poll. 7 Agreed, 2 abstained.
Govenors Cup 21 (New) - Motion to approve and give back PTF (+6)
M/S: Sue/Owen. Carried
Bluenose Cuddy (Alert) – Motion to adjust handicap -9
Return back to 222 FS-SP.
M/S: John/Owen. Carried via poll. Agreed: 7, Abstained: 1
Elvestrom 32 (Alert) – Motion to adjust handicap -6. (FS-SP = 153)
M/S: Jamie/Adam. Carried
Pearson 30 (Alert) – Motion to adjust handicap -3. (FS-SP = 120)
M/S: John/ No second. Motion failed.

d) Other Class Discussions:

R-Class 10 – Fran questioned the 3 sec NFS-Delta. The class will actually get an NFS-SP change of -12, 3 sec faster than the average of -9. Agreed.
Beneteau 1st 40 – Toronto West will be reviewing the appeal at the next District meeting in April or May.

e) Other Class reviews
lying Tiger 10m – Tabled for 2021 Winter meeting

 3. New Business Discussions

a) Protesting “cheater” boats, in particular those with illegal “Code Zero” sails. It was re-iterated that all PHRF-LO handicappers are representatives of the rating “Authority” and thus have the obligation to protest these boats.

b) Webinar session for Spring Training – Alison suggested that we prepare a webinar for handicappers. Bill Topping will create a Powerpoint for distribution.

4)  Next meeting Video Conference: The following items will be addressed during the upcoming months via Video Conference.

a) Point to Point handicaps - May 23 ?

b) Code Zero Sails – May 23 ?

c) Spring Training Workshop Webinar review by Exec: Video conference set for April 18th 10:00 am.

5) Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm

All the following items have been tabled for another meeting in the future. Either Video Conference or November 21st in person.

6) Benchmark Boat List review - Sue Sproule
A review of the current and potential Benchmark boats.

7) Handicapping items:




c) Jib:

- Code Zero for Point to Point racing.

- Measurement of all Jibs to identify illegal sails

d) Point to Point Handicapping

- Jamie Dike/Owen Schneider to present point to point handicaps.

- Jamie/Owen & Keven to present suggested changes to manual

- Consideration of Asym on a sprit as a separate handicap adjustment for PtoP

e) Bloopers - Owen Schneider

f) Review of CL credit and the JT formula
From last meeting:
It was identified, that in 2016, with the introduction of the CTP credit (+6) for all centerline classes, the FS-SP for classes with a standard centerline were adjusted (-6) to maintain the ASP. However, the effect of this was not accounted for in the NFS-SP.
Motion to correct the (-6) adjustment applied to the FS-SP to maintain the ASP in 2016, be corrected in the JT formula. M/S. Jamie/ Failed with no second.

8) Projects and Initiatives:

a) Budget Review for Projects - for Executive

9) Other items

a) Revise Alert Criteria - Diana Riley
  Is it time to review the Alert Criteria and make modifications, given today's technology?

b) ERS/ORC materials for references - Owen Schneider - added Feb 27

10) Adjournment

Next CC meetings:

November 21st (or ealier)


Handicappers Manual Part I section:

2.3.    Handicapping Changes. that affect PART II of the Handicappers Manual, will be ready for presentation at the Annual Meeting *, the year previous to when the changes take effect. With a "draft" of PART II available for viewing by Sept 1st of the previous year.

NOTE: Exceptions will be made for minor housekeeping corrections.

8.3.8. Standard Class SP handicap changes, made by Central Council, will be completed by no later than April 1st of the current year for the coming season.

8.3.9 Handicappers may bring, to their District meeting, any boat class (not unique to their District) that they feel should be reviewed by Central Council. If the district approves, the District Chief Handicapper will raise these concerns at the next Central Council meeting. Although the analysis is based on human performance, Central Council looks at the overall fleet performance and utilizes the knowledge and experience of the members of Central council when looking at any particular boat class.