Aug 6 - Zoom Conference

Central Council Meeting

Thursday, Aug 6, 2020

Zoom Video Conference


Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Mike Brown (TORW), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst)

Guest: John Crawley (TAC)

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm

  2. Motion to approve minutes from May 23, 2020 Zoom meeting.
    M/S: Bill/Adam. Carried.

  3. Class Reviews
    1. Saffier 37 – Mike Brown, with input from John Crawley, discussed the proposed TORW handicap of FS-SP 81 (before -6 PTF). Adam Farkas discussed his finding supporting a faster handicap closer to 60. There was also communication from Jamie Dike & Owen that were considered.
      Motion to adjust this Initial handicap to FS-SP = 72 s/nm (66 with PTF). M/S: Mike/Bill. Carried.
      Adam Farkas abstained due to conflict of interest.
      Action: To review the performance of this boat at the November meeting once more race data is available.

    2. Beneteau 1st 40 SD – Brian Thomson questioned the handicap change noted in the TORW minutes for this class, given that this body had just recently reviewed it.
      John Crawley indicated that this change was noted as confirmation of the recent review by this council, in reply to the owners email declining the +3 s/nm adjustment.
      No change to the Beneteau 1st 40 SD will be entered as listed in the TORW minutes, as the +3 s/nm by this council, on May 27, stands.

    3. Catalina 34 TM – Mike Brown discussed the rating discrepancy with the 4 versions of this class.
      Motion to adjust the Catalina 34 TM WK +9 (FS-SP = 153) to correct rating compared to the other version. M/S: Mike/Sue. Carried.
      review the Draft measurements recorded (for all classes) as there appears to be errors.

    4. C&C 27-3 and -4 – Bill Visser discussed the email received from Hugh Morrin (NSC handicapper) regarding the change to the handicap of the C&C 27-3 on February 29th. Given that this is a benchmark boat and the intent was to normalize the Mark 4 FS-ASP to that of the Mark 3 FS-ASP, he felt that the handicap change was made to the wrong class.
      Motion to increase the handicap of both boat classes (C&C 27-3 & C&C 27-4) +3. M/S: Bill/Sue. Carried.

    5. Melges IC 37 – Jamie Dike per Larry Huibers
      With neither Jamie, Owen nor Larry attending, it was felt that this should be resolved by them. No action taken.

    6. C&C 110 CF (WK and/or SD) – Sue Sproule
      this is a new handicap of a version already rated. Diana only requires authorization to enter the new handicap.
      Action: Approval to give +6 to this version.

    7. Bluenose – Bill Visser
      Review of email (attached) from Antony Latus after handicap revision.
      No action from this council.

4. New Business:

    1. Keel Study: Adam indicated that the documentation received from Gary Cook was very informative. As directed, he will confer with Gary further to ask him to make handicap recommendations for the different types of keels.
    2. Note to Exec: Diana asked if Central Council had any comments that they wanted to convey to the Executive for their upcoming meeting on COVID.
  • Some clubs are racing and some are not.
  • Some clubs are just starting racing.
  • Most clubs will not have races that are suitable for submission
  • Race analysis for 2020 will not be done as already decided.
  • Some large events are now happening, but limits are in place that will make it questionable if they are COVID compliant.
  • Clubs should be given the race credit (without submission for 2020) based on if they submitted races in 2019.

5. Next meeting or Video Conference: to be determined.
NOTE: with racing now starting, it was agreed to cancel the Sept 12, 2020 10:00 am pre-planned meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.


All the following items have been tabled for another meeting in the future.

Possibly a Zoom Video meeting.

  1. Other Class reviews
    1. Flying Tiger 10m – Tabled for 2021 Winter meeting
  2. Benchmark Boat List review - Sue Sproule
    A review of the current and potential Benchmark boats.
    (? see additional information from Owen on the J 80 – added Feb 27)

  1. Handicapping
  2. a) Bloopers - Owen Schneider
  3. b) Review of CL credit and the JT formula
    From last meeting:
    It was identified, that in 2016, with the introduction of the CTP credit (+6) for all centerline classes, the FS-SP for classes with a standard centerline were adjusted (-6) to maintain the ASP. However, the effect of this was not accounted for in the NFS-SP.
    Motion to correct the (-6) adjustment applied to the FS-SP to maintain the ASP in 2016, be corrected in the JT formula. M/S. Jamie/ Failed with no second.
  4. c) Free Flying Genoas/Code Zero for Point to Point racing - Adam
  5. d) Measurement of all Jibs to identify illegal sails - Owen

6) Projects and Initiatives:

  1. Keels – Adam & Garry Cooke (TAC)
  3. Budget Review for Projects - for Executive
  1. Other items
  2. a) Revise Alert Criteria - Diana Riley
         Is it time to review the Alert Criteria and make modifications, given today's technology?
  3. c) ERS/ORC materials for references - Owen Schneider - added Feb 27

8)      Adjournment

Next CC meetings:

November 21st (or ealier)