Central Council Nov 2021 - Zoom

Central Council
ZOOM meeting
Saturday, November 20, 2021
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Owen Schneider (Asst Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Fran Doyle (ROCH), Mike Brown (TORW),
TAC: John Crawley, Kevin Piper, Garry Cooke
Other: Diana Riley (Exec. Asst), Alison Jones (Guest), Larry Huibers (Guest)

1) Meeting was called to order at 11:00 am.

NOTE: A review of the Changes to the ERS by Kevin was done ahead of all agenda items due to his attendance availability:
See Item 6c Manual Changes for JIB.

2)      Motion to approve Minutes from Central Council Spring 2021 - Zoom Meeting
          M/S: Bill/Adam. Carried.
3)     Class Reviews:
             - Class Rating Reviews during racing season

             - Grievances
               a) Beneteau 1st 40 – Lahrkamp
                   Adams review document was distributed to all and reviewed.
                   Motion to submit Adam Farkas’s document to Mr. Lahrkamp as a formal reply from the Chief Handicapper and Central Council.
                   M/S: Bill/Owen. Carried unanimously.

              - Other Class items
                  a) Hunter 35 & Hunter 35.5 as a single class - Brian Thomson
                  Motion to table until the next meeting. M/S: Brian/Owen. Carried.

4)    Handicapping items:
             a) SPINNAKER: 
                 MID Girth replacing Max Girth (Approved for implementation in 2022)
                 Action: ODR classes (like the J 24 ODR) class will need to be reviewed to maintain the ASP. Shark, J 22 and Melges will be reviewed.
                 To be reviewed at the next meeting.
                 CTP credit – Proposal for graduated Credit based on DLR.
                 Motion to present the use of the Lake Michigan graduated adjustment. For presentation at the 2022 AGM, implementation in 2023. M/S. Sue/Adam. Carried.
                 Suggestion: Owen suggested that the credit be extended to +12 for larger boats.
             b) MAINSAIL: none
             c) Jib:
                HHW: New Rule requiring the HHW on all sails, regardless of LP%
                Use of Bloopers, Staysails etc Primarily for use in P2P certificates.
                FFH – tabled as per the P2P issue.
                Must have headsail - Gary, Bill & Owen- see Manual changes.
                Review of definitions and interactions with our rules (from February meeting)
            d) Bloopers - Owen Schneider
                See Owens document on proposal for a new Blooper rule.
                Motion to ban them for regular PHRF-LO racing. M/S: Owen/Adam. Carried.
                Action: communicated at the AGM & via the Newsletter.
            e) Prop: Inboard retractable with flush plate.
                Discussion resolved that these should be treated exactly like the Standard Outboard as it is retracted while racing.
                Action: Modify 6.5.2 in manual to reflect that Retractable motor with flush plate to “Standard OB” = 0.
            f) Hull Speed issue
               Take a further look into the blade area ratio by Garry.
               Action: Diana to send the Teeters folder to Gary for review.
               Motion to table this for further research. M/S: Owen/Adam. Carried.
5)    Other items:
          Alternate TOT - Bill Visser (from last meeting)
          Review of wording regarding use of the Alternate TOT.
          Review of the addition to the manual for describing the Alternate TOT by Bill Visser.
          Withdrawal of proposed change to the Manual until further review.
        *  Revise Alert Criteria - Diana Riley - tabled
          Is it time to review the Alert Criteria and make modifications, given today's technology?
6)   Projects and Initiatives:
         - Point to Point Handicapping - Jamie & Owen
           Considerations regarding Asym on sprit and manual additions for FFH and Centerline credit.
                - Possibly present options to the Members at the AGM.
           Two Certificate, Extra Cert, Fees etc.
               - Suggested that maybe we are not ready for P2P ratings and the inherent expenses associated with it and with the probability of little income.
            After rigorous analysis and review of the Teeters formulas for establishing the P2P, it was decided that it does not appear to be establishing appropriate numbers.
            Action: Owen & Adam will explore alternate options for establishing P2P base handicaps.

        - Symmetrical Max Girth to Mid Girth
             Need to update manual, update database & Notify Handicappers for approval at the Annual Meeting.
             Action: See manual changes in 6) c.
            Action: Notify handicappers via Newsletter.

        - Handicappers Manual Changes for 2022 and/or 2023- Bill V, Owen, Alison
           See Screenshot supplied by Kevin regarding reference to Jib to Headsail.
           See screenshot supplied by Kevin regarding reference to LP re:battens use on LP > 115%
           Part 1 to be Part 1 - Procedures

         - Budget Review for Projects - for Executive
                 - Mid Max – Admin estimate 10 hours
                 - Manual – Admin estimate 5 hours
                 - Prop - ? Admin hours dependent on Gary’s needs
                  - ORC paid certificates –Funds as needed.
7)    Proposed early agenda for the AGM
       Action: Alison & Diana to work on.
8)    Adjournment at 4:06 pm
       Next CC meetings: February 26, 2022

Handicappers Manual Part I section:

2.3.    Handicapping Changes. that affect PART II Section 6 of the Handicappers Manual, will be ready for presentation at the Annual Meeting *, the year previous to when the changes take effect. With a "draft" of PART II available for viewing by Sept 1st of the previous year.

NOTE: Exceptions will be made for minor housekeeping corrections.

8.3.8. Standard Class SP handicap changes, made by Central Council, will be completed by no later than April 1st of the current year for the coming season.

8.3.9 Handicappers may bring, to their District meeting, any boat class (not unique to their District) that they feel should be reviewed by Central Council. If the district approves, the District Chief Handicapper will raise these concerns at the next Central Council meeting. Although the analysis is based on human performance, Central Council looks at the overall fleet performance and utilizes the knowledge and experience of the members of Central council when looking at any particular boat class.